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I found you

I found you

Hey guys Im brand new here, and I am so glad I found you guys. I have always searched was to increase my PS, But have always heard people say that it can only be done with surgery. I have been reading a few post on the forums and see that there is actually a light at the end of the tunnel. I am so very insecure about my PS, and and convinced that my life would be much better if I can gain size. I am 20 years old and my measurement are 4.75”L X 4..50girth. I am a little confussed on where to start but am ready to learn, I am totally dedicated to this, but like I said I am very new to this, and am looking for a place to start.

This is day one
I realize it takes time a and detication and will not happen over night, Any info is appreiciated.

Welcome aboard !!!

Hey wantamore,

Welcome !!! Read, read and then read some more. There is a ton of good info to be found here and the links at the bottom of the page. If you have questions about what you are reading, ask away. By the way, around here it is OK to say penis, cock, dick, shaft, ………. :)

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Welcome aboard

You seem to have a good attitude.

Be diligent and patient.

You are young so you have plenty of time ahead.

Imagine how big you could be at 25!

And start light. It takes a few weeks to get the hang of things.


Welcome Wantamore....

The best advice i can give you is have a look thru all the posts here that seem to be of interest and be dedicated!

Its really easy to be dedicated when you start and you put time aside to do pe etc etc Then as time goes on and you miss a workout then you miss a couple more and before you know it you are doing nothing.

I have only been peing myself for about 6-7 weeks but i have seen some decent gains already and i put this down to having the same attitude to pe that i do for working out in the gym. I rarely ever miss a workout. If i do i make up for it. Obsessive? Maybe, but it gets results. Dedication is what sets you apart from 80% of the population who start motivated but quickly slip into laziness.

(still - it suits me because if more people were as dedicated as me i’d have even more work to put in to set myself apart from the crowd!)

ps - take it easy, injure yourself and it will set you back weeks or you could even do some permanent damage - slow and steady is the key.

See Ya,


Thanks guys

I really appreiciate the encouragment that you guys give, It is very good to know that there is a board like this.

I will keep record of any progress I make and keep you guy posted

thanks again, and I am looking forward to learning everything there is to know about PE, I am woking on buildiing a routine, and thinking of purchasing a bib hanger or might try to build my own but not sure yet.
Thanks for being there!!



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