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I Feel The Force Strong With Me

I Feel The Force Strong With Me

Whats up yall. I just wanted to share a story with all you new cool PE buddies of mine, and give you guys some encouragement. Here goes:

I’m 6 3/8 ebp x 5.2 eg.. When I measure non bone pressed I’m also 63/8 because of this ridiculous curve in my penis which I can’t take into account while bone pressing because I would need an extra hand lol, so I guess I’m rather average. Anyway, me and my girl of 5 months (a half black half native american thick booty big tittie goddess that she is) wanted to go chill and drink. I stay down in miami so we decided to go by bayside and chill. Turns out people we’re complaining about kids being out there too late so they kicked us out, so we decided to go back to my house. We aint kids, I’m 21, she’s 20, but they we’re still being bastards about it. Anyway we get to my house, and I only have 1 beer, and so does she, before things start getting hot. We start touching each other and stuff, and the next thing I know I’m hard as a rock. I been Peing for about 4 weeks now, and have noticed that my erections the passed few weeks are getting ridiculously hard. Anyway one thing leads to another, and I start hitting that thing, and ill be damned if it didnt feel tighter. I am not measuring until next month guys, but her pussy felt so tight,tighter then ever in fact, and my dick stayed so hard it was frightening, she was all moaning and groaning, and she came in like 2 minutes. Then she started sucking me up, and it felt so good that I just had to let my load go in her mouth, and man those kegals must be doing something, becuz I would have shot that load thru the back of her head had it not been for her skull being there, and I just kept skeetin and skeetin, and I started laughing real hard while I was cumming becuz I was amazed I could cum that much. Afterwards she told me how it felt sooo good, and gave me so many compliments I ws really full of myself.


Fireburn the doctors, fireburn the non believers, I am going to make my think huge, I’m persistant, and will never quit, so for all you other newbies here, follow me to the dark side

Starting 63/8 ebp (nbp) x 5.2 eg(apprentice)

Going for 8 x 6 (jedi)

Most sought after goal 9x 7 (sith lord)

Ima do it, and nobody will stop me, much love to all of you, you will reach your goals if you try.

Hey Darth. Nice story bro. Real encouraging. But before others on here start to get on you about your writing style, I would suggest you take a gander at Forum Guidelines . That page is for the forum guidelines. And good job putting ELBP or NBP by your measurements bro. Keep that up and don’t get lazy with it because that will save you alot of uneccessary questions in the future. Peace.

The only power a woman has over you is that which you give her.


You are determined and included a good story. You sound to me like you will reach your 9x7 goal. Good luck.

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