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I Feel Numb Down There. Help Sought!

I Feel Numb Down There. Help Sought!

I already have this problem at least 3-4 times.

I started PE about 2 weeks ago. That was also the time I started to go to gym.

After pedaling the gym bike for 10 minutes, my penis felt numb and I can feel the pain extending right down my urethra.
The numbness also spreads to the area surrounding my penis and as far as the anus.

I could not even move a step for the next 2-3 minutes as the pain is excruciating. But everything seems to return to normal after that.

What could be the cause of this numbness?
Is it due to PE or due to the cycling?
Does anyone have a similar problem?

During the duration of the numbness, I just felt that I am going to lose my penis.
Any help and advice will be greatly appreciated.

Try taking the cycling out of the equation by doing something different at the gym or standing on the cycle.

I used to ride actual bikes for several miles ( 20 or more) the seat if not properly designed will numb you out as the veins supplying the groin area are compressed. They have special seat designed to reduce and keep the numbing to a minimum but most gyms don’t have them. I find it better to ride the recline bikes at the gym if they have them. You still get a pretty good workout if you set the resistance properly

It sounds like a combination. Do a little experimenting. Try sitting on the bike seat differently. Take a break from your PE work and ride the bike. Then do your PE and drop the bike. Try it both ways. Then try to pinpoint when it happens the most.

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