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I feel no discomfort after stretching. It's like my penis is made of steel.

I feel no discomfort after stretching. It's like my penis is made of steel.

Hello. I’m fairly new to this. I’ve been doing it a couple of months on and off (mainly off) but a couple of weeks ago I thought I would create a routine and stick to it.

So for stretches I decided to stretch twice in each direction and hold it for 1 minute each. The directions I would stretch would be down, across, somewhere between down and across, up, and right. I decided not stretch left because I noticed my penis has developed a slight lean (definitely lean more than bend) to the left.

After doing this for a couple of days I could really feel it when I stretched. Kind of like that not unpleasant but slight discomfort you get when you stretch any other part of your body. The problem with the routine was it was too much too soon. My EQ quality went down, and I got discoloration. So I gave myself a rest until I was all better and decided to stop being so impatient and start with something much more closer to the newbie routine.

So I’ve been doing stretches for only 30 seconds each instead. I no longer lose EQ. But I’m no longer getting that satisfying feeling just after like, I’ve just done a work out. I feel nothing really. It feels like I haven’t done anything at all. And I am pulling pretty damn hard. It feels like my penis is really tough. And it’s not a thick penis.

Does that mean that this routine is not intense enough for me to grow? Do I need to get that feeling of it being stretched back? Or should I just stick to this? Has my penis already toughened up because of the earlier routine?

The jelqing is going absolutely fine so there is no really need for to bring that up.

You should not feel discomfort. Stick with it for a month. See if you gained. If you did, continue until you stop. If you didn’t, gradually ramp up the intensity until you do. The goal is to find the amount of training that is effective, and do nothing more intense than that, or you have more likelihood of injury.

Dick of steel sounds like a good thing. Just avoid kryptonite.

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Thank you for the reply. I will do as you suggest.

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