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I feel like quitting


I feel like quitting

I been doing this for almost two weeks now, 1 hour of btc, jelq, squeeze, then later on in the day do btc, jelq, squeeze again, I don’t see any difference

Give it more time…Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Two weeks? How much do you believe you can gain in two weeks? Just curious.

Also, you are very much over doing it — Have you read the Newbie routine?

Originally Posted by ShortSnotnose

Also, you are very much over doing it — Have you read the Newbie routine?

Yes, looks like a lot to me too.Ease into it and gain some momentum.

Originally Posted by OnlyOneOfMe
I been doing this for almost two weeks now, 1 hour of btc, jelq, squeeze, then later on in the day do btc, jelq, squeeze again, I don’t see any difference

What, you’ve been doing PE for almost a whole two weeks? Reality check time, some of us have been doing this for many hours a week, maybe with the odd rest day for the last 2-3-4-5 years.

Firstly, you are not conditioned for the routine you are doing. The newbie routine is there for a reason, although I don’t like it called that because if gives the impression it doesn’t produce gains, it does. Secondly, if you want real results from PE you’ll be looking at 6 months plus for good gains, maybe 1 inch in 12 months is possible for many.

If you haven’t got this kind of dedication, I suggest you forget PE now and do something else with your time. Knowledge, dedication and patience are all required for results, if you don’t have these, you are wasting your time.

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Like Ruz_ said, start off with the newbie routine and increase the intensity as you go, I started off with just 50 Jelqs and 10 Stretches in my very first week of PE, and worked my way up to around 500 Jelqs and 20+ stretches after about 3 or 4 months. Stick with it man and eventually you’ll see results. Also, you’ll want to continually look out for ‘Positive Indicators’ (PIs) your penis may show as signs of positive growth/progress, i.e. Harder Erections, better overall Erectile quality, more frequent erections at night, etc.

Don’t quit! You can do it!

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Patience, friend!! Read and follow the newbie routine and relax!! Good luck.

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"deleted links.

You click link and click “let me see the picture”

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Took me like 6 months to See ANYTHING. Now that I’m past that I’m gaining for the first time in a while. It’s worth it. Don’t quit.

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1 month progress report - GROWTH!!!!!

I’ve just finished my first month doing a variation of the newbie routine and I measured my first growth for months. Up until this last week it didn’t look like I’d grown in length then suddenly, during the last few days it became noticable.

If you have already noticed an increase in girth and harder, more frequent erections, keep going - gains will appear soon.

Relax,step back & breathe.

Now follow the newbie routine to the letter for 3 months and keep a progress report & at the end of the 3 months make an informed judgement on PE and if it benefits you or not.

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So it doesnt look like I gain in those those pics?

You’ll have to post your pics like attachements, OOM. Start a new thread and ask to a mod to move it in the member pics forums, than upload images.

Dude, I still sometimes do not ‘notice’ a difference. It is still your dick the one you have always had even when its bigger it gets there slowly you probably will have a hard time noticing. As had been said, give it more time. The thing I notice now is those guys in porn still seem long to me but they don’t look scary thick for the most part.

Best of Luck brother!

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