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I feel a small discomfort in my balls

I feel a small discomfort in my balls

Hi everyone,
Since I’ve never posted in this forum before, I’m forced to start a thread in the newbie section.

So my problem is that lately I’ve been feeling, I would not say pain but more like some kind of discomfort in my balls. This has started a couple of days ago, I’d say about 4-5 days ago. I also feel like my balls are hanging lower than usual, especially at night. I think it first started the day after my last PE session. I don’t PE very often (Maybe once a week, sometimes twice). Never happened to me before. I did a quick search through the forums and I found something that seemed like my problem, something called ”blue balls”. Yesterday and the day before, I did ejaculate and it seemed like I felt better after that, but the discomfort reappears at night. Any ideas of what it might be ?

How old are you? (If they are hanging lower they could of dropped)
Otherwise it sounds like you might of given yourself some groin strain.

I did it a while ago when I tried hanging.Does it feel a bit swollen and tender down there?

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I have gotten something like that if I over do it with clamping

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I can’t say that I have exactly the same problem, but a feeling of discomfort in my balls happens to me quite frequently as well. However, in my case they used to hang lower and now they stick closer to my pubic bone and seem to become a bit smaller. What is most puzzling to me is the fact that I suffer from several types of discomfort, it’s not just the same feeling all the time. I hope this problem will end on its own.

Originally Posted by MisterWhiskers
How old are you? (If they are hanging lower they could of dropped)
Otherwise it sounds like you might of given yourself some groin strain.

I did it a while ago when I tried hanging.Does it feel a bit swollen and tender down there?

I’m 20. And I do not hang, only jelq. I’d say it does feel a bit swollen.

I would get checked out because you might have a hernia and you don’t know about it. You could have aggravated it with all the pulling and twisting you are doing down there.

Whenever this happens to me I just give her a firm tap on the back of the head and tell her to knock it off.

Seriously, what they said. Get it checked out. You could have a hernia and it not even be related to any PE activity.
Also it’s a serious condition should your gonads actually twist inside of your sack. Get it checked out by a professional.
Don’t wait on it either.

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Do you have some harder things next to one ball that feel like firm bunched spaghetti. Lol sorry I can’t describe it any better but that would be a hernia. I’m almost 30 and still have mine, but my dad had one and he had it removed at 20 years of age. It must have hurt him more then they do me I guess.

Ok guys my problem still hasn’t been solved yet. The soreness comes and goes away randomly.. Usually I think I can spend 2 weeks feeling it, while for one week I do not feel anything. Also, my sex drive seems affected by the soreness.. During the week that I don’t feel anything, my libido is sky-high, which kind of reminds me of when I was a young horny virgin teenager. I can still have erections, sometimes not so bad, but noticeably not as great as when I don’t feel any pain. Masturbation does not seem to change things so much..

Now I’ll try to give a little bit more details of what might be the cause. I started feeling it the morning after a PE session which I made right before going to sleep. I wanted to get the greatest erection possible right after my jelqing, so I masturbated and got myself really really excited, and would get me to the point right before I would ejaculate. Did this a few times and for maybe 10-15 mins. I’m not sure if I ejaculated after or not. Feels like a REALLY bad case of blue balls,but I never experienced anything like that before (actually I say this from what I read, I’m not sure what blue balls feel like).

At one point I thought I suffered from a varicocele, but I passed an ultra-sound test and they found nothing. Unfortunately when I passed the test I wasn’t feeling anything, which really pissed me off. I’m going to see an urologist soon, and REALLY hope that he can help me out on this. If you have anything to share, like similar experiences or any advices would be greatly appreciated.

I suffered from a very similar feeling in my testicles. I took a 2 week decon break from PE and I haven’t felt the discomfort since. I know how you’re feeling man. When I had the testicle pain I feared the worst and it was all I could think about. Chances are you irritated something while PE’ing and it’ll just take some time to heal.

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