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I fcked up again.

I fcked up again.

For this past month I started my first stretching routine with a better jelqing technique. It is safe to say that I gained good results (morning woods and larger flaccid) for the first time, mostly in girth (0.6) and in erect length, so 3 days ago I put more pressure into stretching because I didn’t feel any “force” on my ligaments hence harder grips ( with another hand assisting).

After warming, I jelqed with a lot harder grip than before and the unit was more erect than before (60-80% erection) after the session my libido dropped unlike my other previous “successful” sessions, but I didn’t pay it no mind. In these 3 days its been hard to maintain erection or getting one without having an external stimuli or images and that it isn’t hard as before, today I felt pain in my bottom of the shaft (pubic bone probably?) in the left side and I feel slight pain/ache in this not visible vein when jelqing.

Maybe it is a sign of overtraining, but I am reluctant of pausing my routine because I don’t want to lose all of this progress I have made, and I don’t know how long the rest period should be. Also should I be worried for any permanent damage or anything?

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Take a rest until your erections go back to normal. You didn’t do any permanent damage, it just takes time to recover. Listen to your body and go when it’s ready. Experimenting with force levels is good to find out what is best, or to mix things up, but do gradual changes instead of “a lot harder” all at once.

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