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I fail terribly at forum knowledge, Sorry!!

I fail terribly at forum knowledge, Sorry!!

Hardcore newbie question here. How do you put a link to a thread from somewhere else in the forum on a post? Such as, how would I post Sparkyx’s PI thread into a post for another member to read? I read the forum information to posting and I was unable to find the answer to my question. I have seen many times on here of others doing it so I know it is possible I am just too stupid to figure it out and haven’t tried enough ideas yet. I know this question has probably been asked before so I apologize in advance to any senior members that see this and just want to hate on me for being a newbie. Cheers to the person who saves me from my own stupidity!

You just paste the link of the post and the forum translate this to the title of the post automatically.

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Oh well… I am really really really stupid. Someone can take me out back and shoot my head off as I really do not have the right to reproduce at this point.

Cut and paste the web browser bar (where it says http://thundersplace ), then paste it in the thread/post you want.

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Whoa my thread was graced by Thunder himself… I am sorry sir but I do not have my pittance yet. Thanks for the link, how is it that I missed this?

Originally Posted by ThunderSS

The link, and the smilie link, are just below the Similar Threads box on the left. In a small box with Posting Rules above it.

Aha so that is where you fellas get all them awesome smilies. If I could just open my eyes I am fairly certain all of this would seem logical and I wouldn’t have to ask stupid questions. Thanks Thunder

P—-tlyGr—-n: Do not feel bad! I took up PE and “computer” about the same time. Am doing well in PE. Need to take a computer course. For instance, I have yet to “paste” anything! I learn best by example and frankly, I am embarrassed to ask for help to have someone show me—especially my wife since I’m stealth. Thunder came on to help me too. (Bless his old stony heart). Gave me the same links, so I will just have to spend some time and puzzle things out by myself.

GREAT! Thanks, ThunderSS.


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