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i dont understand...i got Qs

i dont understand...i got Qs

i have been lurking for a while now. I’m ready to get started with PE.but i got Qs.ok what is BPEL or NBPEL & EG.what is stretching the tunic.what are uli,s. is the glans the head? what is the lot clock.what is squeezes. what is the ligs and how do you stretch it.KO last one I’m a 44 year old fat man will PE work for me.Thanx guys

BPEL bone pressed erect length
NBPEL non -“-
EG - erect girth (circumference)
tunic - tissue covering penile chambers
uli,s - advanced girth exercises
is the glans the head? - yes

what is the lot clock Here

what is squeezes - Jelq squeeze or horse squeeze - advance girth exercises

what is the ligs and how do you stretch it - Ligaments, attaching penis to the body on the top where penis meets your body

will PE work for me - I don’t know.

Tunica - main part of yer dick, the bit below the head

Will PE work for you ? I’d say yes, because if your fat you can easily gain some length just from losing a bit of weight. Pretty easy hey, I count that as PE because not everyone in the ‘real world’ seems to realise such a nice benefit comes from losing weight.

Hi Need-a-9er,

Welcome to the forum, if you intend on staying I suggest your best effort should be made to read the Forum Guidelines before you post again.

To repeat some of what’s been said before and add some links:

>what is BPEL or NBPEL & EG<

This link covers these and more of the terms you will find in use here. It doesn’t contain everything but it’s a good link to bookmark.

>what is stretching the tunic<

The tunicae are the covering for the CCs (see glossary link), stretching is a matter of exerting force.

>what are uli,s.<

They are an advanced girth exercise.

>is the glans the head?<


>what is the lot clock<

See This thread by Kog.

>what is squeezes.<

An advanced girth exercise.

>what is the ligs<

Partly what attaches the penis to the body.

>and how do you stretch it<

By exerting force.

>KO last one I’m a 44 year old fat man will PE work for me.<

Probably better than for a 12 year old AOLer, yes. Age is no bar for PE.

thanx guys good info…


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