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I don't know if this method already exists...

I don't know if this method already exists...

I started doing something lately when stretching that really makes me feel it afterwards. Basically I get about 5-10% erect, just a little blood in the weiner, and tuck it back behind my legs. Then I squeeze my legs together and hold for about a minute. This both puts a backwards stretching force on the penis but also compresses the blood in the shaft. Its like a stretch and a hold/clamp at the same time. If I reach back and feel my head it’s solid as a rock and when I let go I feel that burn in my ligs.

Anyway I just thought I’d share this with you all and if you try it lemme know what you think. Feedback = good!


That technique has been discussed fairly often. Here’s a recent thread: /forum/showthread.php?p=787990#post787990

See ‘bed fowfers’ discussed in the first post and then elsewhere in this thread: /forum/showthread.php?t=51545

Then, I like to tuck the package back there and stretch my penile protuberance: /forum/showthread.php?p=391732#post391732

Damn. I pasted something with a different font, then tried to change everything back to veranda, and the box won’t let me scroll down to it…

Ah, sorry guys. I know how annoying it is when people don’t search first - I was just all excited thinking I was an innovator!

It’s okay. In one of my first posts here I shared the discovery of a stretch that it turned out had been done for years. It’s good that you share stuff if you think it might help others, and you did so with appropriate modesty.

Thanks for the idea. (Even though it has been done before) :)
Don’t, be sorry though, if there were not people like who who shared their ideas in the first place, then this forum, or many of the new exercises here, would haven ever been invited. Keep thinking about stuff and you could eventually become another Horse440, MagnumXL,ulistretch, or FOW1.

Good luck.

I miss this place.

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