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I don't get my measurement results at all


Originally Posted by dlm4
This is like a bad radio show. When the DJ or DJ’S are just pricks and dog on everyone that calls in. If someone wants to ask a questions, let him ask it! If someone is kind enough to answer, let him answer! Why not? I know there is a search feature, but he IS a newbie. And lets face it, posting a question can be the easiest and most time saving way to get your answer.

We’re all DJ’s here and one of the bests and down to earth in the whole internet. Identical or similar questions posted again and again make a bad radio show. Even if he was a newbie, that’s no excuse for laziness. Make a good show by providing quality and original questions and answers. Of course, some songs get requested (questions asked) many times, but they’re there, you just press play (search) button and hear it for yourself. Some of us are sick of hearing the same songs so many times. Rock & roll! ;)


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