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I do not have a heavy flaccid hang after my routine

I do not have a heavy flaccid hang after my routine

I just did my PE exercises and I’ve always notice how I never really get a heavier flaccid hang that everybody else has had on this site. I do the newbie routine with slight changes, nothing really major.

Is it normal to not have a longer, thicker flaccid hang after doing the exercises? I mean during the exercises it looks a little thicker, not much, my curve isnt quiet as strong, and some veins begin to appear on the sides of my penis. Also are those veins healthy? They disappear after my workout.

Also I do 5-10min hot wraps for a warm up and then for a warm down I go to my bath tube and turn on the faucet the warm and lay my penis in the running water, to help get the lube off better.

Even when I do these warms up, my penis still gets darker in the mid-shaft area and the base of my penis looks lighter compared to it but the color differences usually go away whenever I get an erection.

Thanks, Jones out

Warm downs are bad news, my brother. I mean, I don’t ice down, either. My thing is, and I’ve put this together through a lot of reading on this site, that warming encourages pliability. That means if your inclination is to retract, which it for sure is, than heat just encourages the bunching up and tightening known as shrinkage. This is different from the semi you might get from exposure to heat in a normal situation. You are in a post-workout state, your penis is stressed. It’s a Positive Indicator to start getting semis and whatnot post-PE, but that’s not guaranteed. Call it what it is, shrinkage, retraction, turtling.It’s like a fitness model eating doughnuts. Not the effect we are going for here.

That’s why I never let it turtle. Even if I just stay wrapped in gauze and medical tape or something, or put on my extender, I don’t let it do what it wants to do, namely hang at four or less inches. I am forcing the issue. It’s going to stay at five inches or more through manipulation and material aid.

Don’t ejaculate as part of PE. In other words, learn to shoot only once every three to five sessions. Let it relax at room temperature or look into cold wraps instead when you are done. (I haven’t gone there yet myself.) Understand that a big flaccid is one of the big prizes of PE and think in terms of years, not months, for major increases in flaccid size.

Consider forcing the issue with a wrap or extender.

I am considering getting an extender but for right now I just want to see what I can do manually. I have roughly a 4-5inch flaccid hang with I don’t mind. I just want to get erect length gains.

I just finished my routine and after I stretch it has a little bit longer of a hang, but when I do my jelqing part, it looks a bit thicker, but still doesnt hang a lot. I am a grower for sure so maybe that has something to do with it.

This is my fourth day back so I know I am rushing things. When do people normally start to see a heavier flaccid hang all the time?

When I followed the newbie routine my dick would get smaller than normal after a routine. I dropped the frequency and started getting a bigger flaccid after a work out. For me at least, all the blood draining from my dick after a session was a sign I was doing too much.

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Thanks for the reply. Also I have another question. Can people with already average to a little above average penis get the same amount of gains as to someone who is smaller than average. I am roughly 6.75-7inches NBPEL and 7.25-7.5inches BPEL with an average of 5.25-5.5inches in girth.

I really don’t need a whole lot to reach my target size (8X6) I was just wondering if it would take longer since I am already a bit bigger than normal.

I kind of back up what northmiamitop says, but I didn’t drop the frequency. But once I got used to the exercises in my newbie period, then the flaccid got more puffed up and veiny and just bigger. I think that if I’d decreased the frequency I would have had even faster initial results and maintained growth.

I also can understand the “never let it turtle” philosophy as when I was fowfer-ing religiously, growth occurred. But I also believe that in a not insignificant number of cases, such continuous stress on the penis could be counter-productive.

Anyway if you’re a grower and not a shower with a 4-5 inch penis … aye carumba my big dicked friend! :)

I saw you posted whilst I was writing. And yes they can get those gains and at the normal rates as lesser endowed guys.

And you are more than a bit bigger than normal. You are already at a point where most people would consider having reached their goals. But keep up the good work and get that 8x6 though.

Thanks for the replies 74zowee86. I don’t feel like I got a big dick though haha. All I want is 1-1.2 inches in length and .25-.5 inches in girth. Can the newbie routine do that for me? I plan on measuring once a month.

Also what do you mean by don’t let it turtle. You mean to not let it shrink? Will letting it turtle undo my whole workout? Also I when I used to PE which was about a month ago, my penis seem to really respond to jelqing, now it seems to respond more the stretching rather than jelqing. But I guess it is going to take some time. I just hope I can reach the 8 inch mark. Hopefully NBPEL but we will see.

It is just a general principle, one I wish I followed earlier, to find ways to “let it heal in an extended state.” The darn thing doesn’t want to be as long as I want it.

When I first wrapped for my first hanging session ever, and concluded the routine, I looked at my wrapped dick and a revelation hit me like a sack of bricks in the head: Why would I unwrap and let it shrink, shrivel and whatever else? I became a convert to staying wrapped all day, then proceeded to an extender. Of course, I value flaccid hang gains as much or more than erect. I wanted to eliminate variations in my flaccid.

Is this an established proven method to make flaccid gains and help overall length? (Versus standard manual without embellishments.) There is definitely debate on the issue. One thing is for sure, the big gainers, for the most part, all put in a lot of time. And time in traction is pretty much the agreed on factor for results from any method.

As for how much I want to gain, well I’m on a penis enlargement forum, ya know? I want to be a bit overwhelming for the pretty ladies. And still gently coax her to orgasm with my fingertip on the top right corner of her clitoris to show I’m a sensitive guy.

Start: 5.75 x 4.5 Current: 7 x 5.25

Such Spartan training is for the champ. -Bruce Lee

So is there anything that I could make from house hold items that can help keep my flaccid hang better after a workout?

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