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I do not believe, but hope to be persuaded


The Newbie Routine can be too much for some guys just starting out. If you find that it is “too much, too soon” for you, try cutting the recommended number of exercises in half and increase the time and repetitions gradually.

Or you can try this routine as an alternative.



And my penis (flaccid) is like a silicon bit or like little harder gummy. Is it normal when it have been over trained?

Of course I did, couple of times

It seems like PE don’t work for me, unfortunately

After I had rest with PE and I started again a week ago and I think I got some injury again.

My routine:

15min Hot wrap
Manual stretches in 6 directions x 30sec
5 min hot wrap

Yesterday and today I was edging but I didn’t get enough hard, I was about 70%, and the only way I was 100% erect was when I was cumming.
My glans have got thinner & smaller and when I did kegels to pump in blood it expanded but then returned to be small again.

Guys who have had the same please tell me if it is something to worry about?


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