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I didn't gain first 5 weeks..


i didnt gain first 5 weeks..sux..

I am a newbie member, but I wanna be a senior Member!!! HAHA! (I was quoting my dick there) HAAHAHAHA!!!

any suggestions, any ‘miracle whip’ that would work ?

I have a big ♥ and dick envies ♥ for that. So I got this plan to make dick huger than ♥ and then later have kids. Equality man!!!


Sorry to hear about that Aero, what was your routine and did you stick with it religiously (OK, maybe religiously isn’t the best description in these heretical times, how about like a perfectionist with obsessive compulsive disorder?).

From what I hear from my Grandad complaining about his member, I’m not sure you want a senior one do you? Or do you mean that you are just interested in older men?

As for the miracle whip, if I had some I certainly wouldn’t be here. I’d be busy sending out millions of crappy emails, trying to get you to buy it from me.

Yeah, errr, just in case you missed it, my point was what’s your routine and did you stick with it?


haha. it was a joke man.

no i dont want an old dick (although if im 3 inch bigger in 3 years, i’d like 3 years to pass by loool)
senior member..i meant a huge rod ok. ;)

religious? ok i get it you mean i gotta stick to it like flies on shit. haha. i try i try ok. i do almost every day (sometimes every second.)

routine: 10-30 minutes dry jelf or so. (not really stretching since i find it pretty rough to just grab my dickhead and pull, also im uncut)

then 30-60 minutes wet jelg. thats about it..

i really dont think i can spend 2-3 hrs each day on this.

if im interested in old men..maaan..lordbase..that was putting me down. DONT tell me that you’re an older man haha. I have no interest in other dick than mine ok?

Horsehung’s dick is interesting though. haha. But that is only until i catch up on him. (probably never will beat him in my lifetime - or in his haha) hehe i’ll just ask him THIS next time (like a little kid)

‘horsehung, you’re twice my age, so howcome your dick is not double my size too?’


it would keep him working all day long with weights maybe!

If i was younger, i would try to match my dick length with my age! unfortunately thats too late to catch up on right ? *giggling*

OK serious.
routines…there’s a lot to read. i did read a lot. But I dont see any gains. Im confused. I have tried a lot. I did PE for 5 weeks on and off. But I thought that i work 8.30 (thats my lot) now horsehung told me that i should stretch/jelg upwards? so i have been doing something wrong ? daaaaaamn im sooo stupid.

and i even read that lot-thingie several times.

oh well
talk later?


Are you more interested in length or girth? Or both? What erection level do you jelq at? It’s strange that you have been consistent at what you are doing and have seen no gains at all. Do you take breaks? It looks like you are PEing 7 days a week from what you’ve said. Maybe you need to work more scheduled breaks into your routine. Try 3 on 1 off, or 5 on 2 off.

Also, do you warm up before PEing? This may help to relax the tissues and give you a chance to make some gains.

If you are interested in length then try some hanging if possible. Personally, I don’t particularly like manual stretches, but when you do them, make sure you are not gripping the head, or even right behind it. You need to grip an inch down from the head. That way you can grip the internal structures without risking damage.

As for old men, Horse is more than twice my age, I’m only 23 so I have a long time to try and catch up with him. Although I’m not sure if I could (or want to) get that big. I don’t know, that sort of size just seems greedy and he said his grandad was even bigger. I think his family are hording all of the good genes.

If your lot is 8.30 you can still make gains from stretching the ligs, although I think you will get better lig gains from manual stretching and hanging than you will from jelqing. You will just need to do your PE at lower angles. As a rule you should always try and stretch below your LOT to make lig gains.

I’d recommend working on your stretching technique, read through some of the starter topics on the grips and where to grip and give it a try, but make sure that you warm up thoroughly.

Hope all this helps in some way. Really it is difficult to diagnose a problem like this, but we can look at the possibilities and try other things. I think everyone is able to make gains, it’s just that some are harder to come by than others.



Maybe it’s time to start the stretches, if you feel your dick is ready for them. It’s up to you whether you want to hang or not. I know you’re concerned about injuring yourself, so follow LB’s advice and be sure you grip the shaft well below the glans (head), with the stress on the sides and not on the top of the shaft. Review the various suggestions he makes. After five weeks of jelqing, you should see some gains, even if they only appear right after your PE session.



Now you got me confused. I thought someone with a low LOT, 8:30 seems pretty low to me, (with the stretches), should be pulling in an upward direction to stretch the ligs, and the opposite when one’s LOT is high. I have a 10:00 LOT, and my stretching gains came from pulling downward, especially the Lazy Ass Stretches.



"It's not the getting there but the going that's gotta be good." Varg



According to the theory (as I understand it) lig gains can be made with LOTs down to 6. The ligs can only be stretched in a downward direction though, since they support the cock from above. So stretching upwards will not affect them. I am going to try and do some quick illustrations for this point.

Stretching upward only affects the tunica.

Give me 5 minutes to make some bad pictures…


OK here goes.

The most basic of basic images.

Hope this explains better than 1000 words.


Attached Images
Lig stretch.png
(4.6 KB, 143 views)

Thanks for clarifying this for me, LB. Aero has been doing it in the right way.


"It's not the getting there but the going that's gotta be good." Varg


Glad to help.

speaking of stretches- I am still not clear on the LOT. If 6:00 is straight down and 12:00 is straight up then where is 3:00 and 9:00? :confused:

3:00 is straight out in front of you, and 9:00 would be straight back (of course 9 is almost impossible to acheive) That is my understanding, I’m sure I will be corrected if wrong.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:


A nine o’clock would be straight ahead. A three o’clock would be sticking out of your ass. Lol. Where did you come up with that number?


Lord Base is absolutely on target—to stretch the ligs, even if you have a low LOT, for example, seven or eight o’clock, you have to pull down.


"It's not the getting there but the going that's gotta be good." Varg



I tried to PM you, but it bounced it back. What’s the problem?


"It's not the getting there but the going that's gotta be good." Varg


Hi, LordBase! Thanks for your concern ;)

1: I’m interested in both length and girth. I read that, itsbest to gain length first (??) But if I have to choose…I’d like girth, since my girth is not that big again.. anyway having a size of….5,1 x 7,2” or so…. i’d like an inch or two both ways.

Taking breaks: They fall in pretty good! haha. I Do have some days off, that is when i forget or skip to do PE.I believe these days are there. I don’t do PE 7 days a week.

I DO warm up. I usually take a shower (gets real warm) or uses a cloth wet in hot water, for 5 or 10 minutes, or even longer. during PE i sometimes reheat the cloth.

Try hanging? I don’t have equipment for that, and although it sounds easy and lazy to hang, I’d like to avoid it, because it sounds dangerous. And how on earth can i hang several kilo’s off my dick? I don’t get it. But if hanging really is that cool, I’ll think about doing it VERY LITTLE.

How do I make sure I do not grip my head when stretching ? LordBase im UNcut, and gripping behind my head is like gripping on foreskin. Pulling, then seems like im pulling the skin towards and behind the head. It’s difficult but I think I can manage with a tight grib to pull this way.

So HorseHung is from a horse-genes family? Hoe large was his grandfather ? (And how on earth could he know how big his granddad was in first place). Spit it out Horsehung! hehehe.

I will mainly stretch downwards from now. Towards my LOT. I cant really stretch further down, un less i sit up. I guess if I grow, its gonna get harder to stretch downward, unless ‘I stretch my ligs in my arms too’. Hmm haha.

Horsehung told me I could find some help to uncut gentlemen like me! *S* SO when I search I dont find anything usable. What word should I search for ? ‘UNCUT’ ? or ‘UNCIRCUMCISED’ ? Anyway does any of you know the tricks? Who’s uncut here ?

Good news guys: Although I’m sad Im not seeing results, just like Horsehung told me, I AM enjoying PE a little, sooo…

…I did see some results in the beginning (have been doing PE for 4-6 weeks now) like bigger veins, dick seem harder. My bend did straight out much (wasnt my dick bended a little once ? HAHA! U know what I mean ?) It still has too much direction pointing to the left side. I believe stretching to the right side could make the lig stretch on the base make it out, like it would stretch the left lig more than the right lig. right ? LB? Horse?

I didn’t really do any stretching before, but now I think (also since most beginners write that they start with stretching before jelq and stuff) I should do stretching. Am I supposed to ‘kegel’ when i stretch ? How long should the stretch last ? Obviously blood runs out of my dickhead when i do stretches. (but i do get blood around after, fx. by shaking it or ‘doing the chopper’)

I also think that I have a slight bend forward. How can I make this go away and get even more straight ? Could I perhaps stretch/jelq downwards but still keep working on it, upward ? Do you know what I mean ? I’d like to work on that frenulum area to make that grow too. (my frenulum is also tight which I don’t like - you know that ‘chord’ there)

LordBase> NIIIICE!!!! that pictues says it all! OK We should all stretch and jelq downwards.

I think my LOT number is 8.30 or so. (where my dick base flexes, and there’s no tug back.) When/if I use my bc or pc (or whatever I use) to ‘point’ with my dick, that would be higher than the LOT. That would be around hmm..9 or 10 o clock. Just saying this because I think some say this is the same. But I dont think so at least for me.

Anyone has a comment on this?

Horse> what is a lazy ass stretch ?

LordBase> Can I make my LOT rise ? Should I ?

Goin4-9> What on earth are you thinking? A LOT number of 3 ???? Come ooon. You sure have misunderstood something. Just be sure to stretch/jelq downwards.

LOT # of 6 : Dick pointing towards feet.

LOT # of 9: Dick pointing straight out, you can watch the whole length.

LOT # of 12 : Dick pointing towards your chin.

LOT # of 3: Dick pointing between your legs.

LOT # of 1 and 2 : Your dick cant be in this direction man! Your ass is in the way!!


Man you are confusing! You got it all wrong! How can you post that..did you read the above posts ? *SS*

As for your tagline, can I ask you to switch the words ‘sunshine’ and ‘laughter’ ? hehehe. (would work just as well I think *SS*)


Right, I’ll try and go through this stage by stage.

5.1x7.2 is not a bad size at all, I think a lot of guys will be jealous of those as starting stats.

Hanging scared me to start off with, but as long as you are careful and use a safe hanging device then you will be fine. Just read all of the introduction threads in the hanging forum. A lot of guys actually think that it is safer than manual stretching, since you know the force thats being applied to your dick and that the force is constant throughout the exercise.

As for manual stretching, I am uncut too, so I can sympathise. There are two ways of doing it. Firstly, you can pull the foreskin back and grip, so it doesn’t stretch the foreskin. Or you can grip through the foreskin my preference). Make sure that you grip an inch or so behind the head and that you are gripping the internal parts of the penis, not just the foreskin. Use a rubber glove or some baby powder if necessary. Really, finding out what works for you is about trying everything and seeing which you prefer.

As for horse’s grandad, all I know is that he once saw him taking a piss. If you want any more information then you’ll have to ask the man himself (horse, not his grandad).

You should really try to stretch below your LOT if possible. That may be where hanging comes in. I sit and watch TV with my wench wrapped snugly round my cock, hanging straight down (although I have to sit on a stool, otherwise my balls get crushed!).

As for straightening out your curve, I am not sure that stretching one lig more than the other will straighten that, I would suggest jelqing against the curve, but I have no experience with that, so someone else will have to help.

The stretching sounds fine, you can kegal if you want. I do.

That’s about it for now.


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