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I can't watch any of the videos

I can't watch any of the videos

It would really help out exactly how to perform these routines. I have a mac computer and a iphone 5 but neither of them will allow me to download the video tutorials. I keep getting errors when I try to download them. Has anyone had these issues and could you give me what video download programs and/or apps that allow these on your mac or iphone. Thank you!

Try a different browser. Chrome or firefox.

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Clear your Cookies and Cache and that should pretty much do the trick. But if you still can’t then like KenObie said try a different browser I would recommend firefox from personal experience, and if for some reason even then you can’t download it (which is unlikely) you can just look at the pictures instead of the video.

Ill give that at try guys and thanks! And I under stand kegels and jelqing which I have began to do already for the beginner routine, but just for future purposes when I get to advances techniques I need to see the videos as the pics don’t completely make sense so a video sure will help. Hope this will work switching to fire fox!

I had the same problem using a mac air. I tried three different browsers but think that you might have to download one video, wait a bit then try the next. I eventually got them all to work but they took quiet a few tries.

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