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I can't help but turtle.

I can't help but turtle.

I am 3 1/2 months in to pretty consistent PE, and I feel like I am doing a safe and effective job at it. By that I mean 2 on 1 off/3 on 1 off, the correct technique, erection level, grip pressure etc.

I also know the motto is to never let it turtle, and that after a PE session, he should be hanging long fat and happy, but for me that only last for maximum 5 minutes.then I turtle and get somewhat of a hard flaccid, which I have also read is not a good thing.

I am seeing gains, but not as much gains as I would have hoped. I feel like the “turtling” is the reaction to the strain being put on the penis and therefore a good thing but maybe I am wrong. Like I said I did the noobie routine with gradual increase of time and numbers in stretches and jelqs as the weeks went by.

I am currently doing a 5-10 min warmup, followed by stretches of all sorts for anywhere from 15-30 minutes. (All directions, v/a stretches, dld blasters on occasion, o bends) I then will either immediately follow that with a 15-30 min jelq session or do that later in the day or night, depending on how my penis feels after the stretch. About 2-3 days a week I throw in a 15 min edge session.

Am I doing too much?? I feel like my penis is very well conditioned and should even start clamping soon as I am looking for girth in particular and heard many success stories from it. Although the few times I have tried to test out the cable clamp I just get so worried about how bad it seems after being on for only a minute or two that I quit. Might need to wait on that.should I take a deconditioning break already or just tone it down for a week and see how things go?? My only problem with that is I don’t ever remember not turtling even when I first started off, really light.

I have the same problem, ‘fat and happy’ never lasts very long and frequently I get a ‘tight’ flaccid later in the day in reaction. The next morning I usually have a nice plump hang, but there is always a reaction period of some kind.
What I’ve found helps a lot is this silicon ADS sleeve I bought on ebay. It’s not really good for hanging weight or any real forceful stretching, but it does work well as an anti-turtle device. It keeps the shaft nicely stretched out and especially if I put it on right after a session it seems to keep the head and the whole unit a lot more plump than it would be otherwise. Plus I can wear it for many hours without any problems really. If I get the head too deep into the sleeve it pulls some fluid retention into the very tip, but that goes away quickly.

It’s a little expensive (mine was $40) but it seems to solve this problem.

You could probably get the same effect from a traction wrap or one of those wrist wrap straps I’ve read about here, or just about any DIY ads type rig, but I haven’t tried that.

I did a couple of things that helped against turtle, which may or may not apply in your situation since you have a much larger volume of work. First I cut back on the volume, but I don’t know if you want that. Second I loosened my jelqing grip to slightly tighter than my penis and gradually tightened it. For this you have to closely monitor your EQ and turtling and stop squeezing harder when your EQ/turtling is at its best. Third and most importantlly, I lowered my erection level from 70-80% to 40-50%.

BTW, some supplements will surely help. The erection tea (black tea, ginger, cayenne) and fish oil will surely help. L-arginine and ginkgo biloba if you want to invest even further in this.

As disappointed as this is going to make me, I think I am going to cut back on my volume and force. The first month or two that I started I was having the BEST PI’s one could imagine. I literally woke up every single night and day with diamond erections and would randomly get them throughout the day without even touching myself.

This last month or two, I can’t really remember many days or nights like that and I don’t feel like I have increased that much more stress on my dick. I wish I would have written every single thing down so that I could see exactly where I went wrong. I basically just added longer stretching and maybe a tighter jelq but not really.

Oh well, I guess I’m going to go back to square one and figure out the correct way to PE for myself. IMHO, size is not the indicator you should be looking for, it’s the PI’s.the size will then come “safely”.

Is turtling really that bad?

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