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I Can't finish a workout

I Can't finish a workout

Well I have started over with he Newbie routine, and it’s hard to even finish a workout! I Start with a 5 to 10 min warmup wrap, Then I Try to jelq. But the problem is erection! I Once I get one After jelqing about 10 times it turns flaccid. And It takes forever to get it back up! I Can’t use porn because I do my PEing int he Bathroom while the family is home. Also it’s hard for me to find a rhythm for Jelqing, almost like I can’t do it, I don’t really feel anything during jelqing like the blood rushing into the penis! It just feels dull, almost non-motivatiing. My glans are soft, I Try to do Kegels but I May be overtiring, since I can barely get my penis to move up and down today. Then right after a workout, my penis isn’t pumped like yalls are, it acually shrinks to a smaller flaccid size then when I began after about 3 minutes. Am I Jelqing too hard or sumthing?also I feel that I’m not jelqing right or sumthing

I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, but it seems like I’m not doing something right =[

I Do PE eevry other day and Kegels every day

I had the opposite problem while jelqing; my erections would reach 100% and I would have to stop. This problem worked itself out over the first few weeks as I got used to jelqing.

Do you have trouble getting erections usually? Also, if I don’t masturbate or anything before PEing, it helps me maintain fuller erections while jelqing. I don’t know if you are or if you aren’t, but that could help.

I don’t masturbate..

Maybe a few times every 3 months or so, but other than that no.

I just can’t keep it up or sumthing when doing PE I end up at like 30 to 40% Erections all the time, making it too stiff for stretches, yet too weak for jelqs =[

I don’t know what to do guys

Originally Posted by only5
I had the opposite problem while jelqing; my erections would reach 100% and I would have to stop.

That is by far the more common problem.

I have the same thing going that Youngnswolen does and never found a solution that I was 100% happy with. If I don’t have access to porn while doing jelqs I might as well not bother.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Do you do dry or wet jelq? Are you cut or uncut?

Try do the jelq in the morning and lay down on bed, take the advantage of morning wood. By this way you don’t need porn but just imagine you get a sexy babe beside you in bed, then you may get similar problem like only5.

Don’t kegel EVERYDAY, just 1 on 1 off, and don’t kegel too much while jelqing, just once every 10-20 strokes.

I split my routine into 2 section, jelq in the morning as described above, and evening stretch in bath tub or under shower, the hot water keeps my unit relaxed and better blood flow, and I can stretch longer.

I think thats a good idea to stretch in the shower.

Youngswollen, It’ll take some time to get used to jelqing. I had the same problem as you, Just keep at it and eventually you’ll find the right way to do it. It’s quite easy once you get the hang of it. Oh and you should start with wet jelqing its much easier to stay erect.

I’ve had both problems, at the beginning of my PE “career”, I couldn’t keep it down before 100% erection, now it’s getting harder to keep it up.

Just close your eyes and think dirty thoughts.. It’s all I do and works every time. Nothing you can do about getting it too hard except wait for it to go down, or think about baseball or something.

I agree with Makemelarge that this must be a common problem to beginning PE’ers.

I also had to play around with keeping porn nearby when my erection would go down. And thinking of baseball or Bruce Lee when my erection would get too stiff. ( No offense to Bruce Lee, I just don’t think of him that way. Otherwise, I Love him!)

Play around with those two things: 1) Porn and 2) Non-sexual thoughts

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