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I can't believe it!

I can't believe it!

I just measured for the first time in five weeks and have gained .25” in BPEL!!! I am completely jazzed! And I still am doing nothing other than a glorified newbie routine with inverted V stretches. Everyone who doubts take heed. PE does work, even for a “hard gainer” like me!

Congratulations pal!

Hopefully when I measure mine again in 3 weeks I’ll have something similar to report :)

Start: 2nd of march-2006 Stats: BPEL (6.4" 16.4cm) NBPEL (5.9" 14.9cm) EG (5.0" 12.8cm)

Goal : 7.5" NBPEL 6.0" EG My Progress Report

4 Weeks Left On Newbie Routine

Congrats mate :thumbs:

Good work! Have you been pretty consitent with your routine?

Harmony777: Yeah, I have been very consistent with the routine. I rarely miss a day. IMO, I am a hard gainer. I have been at this for almost a year now and am finally starting to think I can reach the “average male penis.” Once I hit that magic 6”, I am going to go out and rip up the town! You know the funny thing is my wife has no idea I do PE. If she has any suspicions, she hasn’t said so. She just makes little comments here and there about how it is more than it used to be. And with my flaccid actually hanging now instead of sitting on top of my nuts like a misplaced thumb, she likes to give it playful tugs and swings after I shower.

Things are looking awesome right now. I pray for more gains every time I grab that heating pad to warm up. There is no stopping me now! I will make it to 7”!!!

I have been thinking about starting to hang and use an ADS. Good idea? Yes or No?

Stick with what is giving you gains. Then look to other exercises.

Started 5.5 x 4.5 erect Length and Girth Goal 7 x 6.5 erect Length and Girth

Currently 5.9 x 5.5 erect Length,Girth and going !


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