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I am still confused on this issue

I am still confused on this issue

I realized bone press is the proper way to measure your penis to see the real gains as they grow but my question do guys gain 2” in length bone press and it take’s a while for non bone press to catch up to them gains that is where I myself am still confused because that actually should be noticeable in any way you measure it bone press or non bone press.I can see where guys being over weight this might come into play but what about a real skinny guy in shape would he see faster gains also his bp and nbp sould be the near the same,right?I did search threw old post on this issue but nothing really came up on what I am asking now thats why I am asking it here.I hope somebody can clear this up for me.I appreciate any one who can help me on this issue.


This has come up a few times recently. It is observed by many that nbp gains can lag behind, Why?

Well the skin is more stretchy and tends to snap back to its original size more readily as opposed to tendons and ligaments in your dick which takes more effort to stretch but the microtears produced tend to stay longer permitting it to heal in a more extended position. In short the flexiblity of skin slows the permanent stretching progress due to springing back. since the shaft is growing and the skin of the shaft is not it pulls the crease at the base of your dick up along the shaft. So the skin perpendicular to the shaft is pulled out away from the body and voila shaft growth with little or no nbp increase.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Thanks Luvdadus and I am starting to understand the theory a little bit better now.

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