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I am starting my journey.

I am starting my journey.

I just wanted to say that I joined this site a few days ago. I initially hesitated being wary of PE claims after having tried several other methods over the years without success. These have included, a penis stretching device, pumps and a weights. All were expensive and were followed correctly with ZERO results. I keep my body in great shape but my penis size (6 inch) has always bothered me - (It is more length that I desire). HOWEVER, this web site/forum looks different and the science for these specific exercises makes sense. I am looking forward to applying a daily routine - starting tonight. Just as with my other attempts I am not expecting “instant results” but at least I know I am in control (not some “device”) and even if it takes a very long time to see any gains, I know that the exercises can only encourage a healthy penis. Thank you to the guy(s) who started this site - I am starting my journey.


Hi ascyltos69

Welcome to Thunders PlacesPE. There is a lot of reading to do on all of the Forums, the best way to get started is by doing the Newbie Routine. To condition your penis takes about 3 months of Jelqing and stretching. I have found that dry jelqing works best, but it takes time to get use to doing it that. If you decide to wet Jelq I’d try using baby oil or olive oil.


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Welcome to thundersplace ascyltos69. The journey to a larger penis starts with a single jelq. Ha ha ha… that was cheesy, I know. At least I didn’t sneak in a link to any badgers! :leftie:

Welcome to the place anyhow.

Good luck and good gains.

PE for length: so her heart stops when she sees it. PE for girth: to get her heart started again!

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Thanks for the welcome. I have read through a lot of the forums. My first session went well. I have decided to apply the routine either in the shower or the bath when my penis is most relaxed. I want to concentrate on length gains and will initially put more (careful) emphasis on stretching.

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