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I am so stupid...

I am so stupid...

Well, I’m back home from college and ready to settle into a normal routine with PE. So I measure myself, and to my surprise, I’m magically 3/4 of an inch bigger in girth??? Well, shows you how stupid it is to attempt measuring girth with a ruler! Either that or I’m too retarded to do it right. Anyway, now that I have a TAPE MEASURE, I can say that my new measurements are 5.875BP x 5.25. Sounds nicer than 5.875 x 4.5, but man do I feel dumb. Oh well, maybe I should just tell myself I gained it.

Ruler girth

Just how did you measure girth with a ruler?

Best not answer that :idiot:



I put the end of the ruler on the edge of a vein, and kind of wrapped it around from there. Give me a break, they don’t have tape measures sitting on every corner down at college :-)

I prefer to think of it as having gained 3/4 of an inch in girth for no reason. That’s much less damaging to the ego.

I prefer to think of it as having gained 3/4 of an inch in girth for no reason. That’s much less damaging to the ego.

Well then, I won’t tell you that you can just use a piece of string to wrap around, pinch with your fingers as a place-marker (or even better, mark with a marker), and measure the marked length of string.

If I told you that, I’d damage your ego! ;)


I could do that, or I could continue to do these things in the most difficult way possible, and then discover easier methods later.

Well, Phoward, I hope your parents aren’t paying to send you to UVA. Measuring girth with a ruler, now that’s creative.

I’ve always used a tape measure, small, compact, and since my wife doesn’t sew, she’s never missed it. I also use the tape for length measurement. I don’t bone press since I feel this is measuring part of the pubic mound which isn’t part of the penis. I just try to be consistent every time I measure, which is only gonna be every 2-3 months.

I just put the end at the base and measure to the other end. I do the top of my penis, some say to measure on the underside. One thing I’ve found about PE the month I’ve been doing it, there ain’t nuth’n consistent about it.


No, my parents are not paying to put me through UVA. I don’t think that comment is relevant to anything as it is.

I’m sick of defending myself about this. This post was strictly for a laugh and for me to get some frustration out. Again, for the last god damned time, I was working within the means I had available to me. Leave it the hell alone.

I thought this was supposed to be a place of encouragement. The hell it is.


I apologize and I’m sorry you took my ribbing in the negative. As Thunder mentioned, I’m a bit of a joker and I would not “go after” anybody in this forum - it is not my nature. I have a bit (okay, a lot) of sarcastic wit, but I would never intentioanally make fun of anybody.

And, altho there are a bunch of smart asses on this forum, we ARE a very encouraging lot - that’s why i’ve directed several guys to this site. It’ a great bunch of people.

Again, P, sorry for the remark - it wasn’t intended to be at your expense.



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