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I am so scared......

I am so scared......

I am so affraid I might be a non-gainer! I have put so much hope and faith into this whole thing called P.E! All i need is half an inch. Please help me, I feel lost.

I’ve been at it since March and had zero gains. I thought I had found my answer but I’m losing faith iamaru.

Ok, so you are a hard gainer, doesn’t mean you need to quit. This isn’t a sprint countdown 2, its a marathon. Maybe you need to look at your routine, post it here so the guys can see what you are doing, and change something. It would appear that whatever you are currently doing isn’t getting the job done, so change it.

You might be doing to much, you might be doing not enough (as in consistency of PEing). We can’t tell if you just say I haven’t gained. Trust me when I tell you the fellas are going to want to know what you are doing.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

I stretch every day, mainly upwards (my lot is 7-8) anything from 5-15 minutes. I jelq 2days on 1 day off, usually 200 to 300 strokes. My erection quality is fine and I started getting more night wood.

Originally Posted by countdown 2
I stretch every day, mainly upwards (my lot is 7-8) anything from 5-15 minutes. I jelq 2days on 1 day off, usually 200 to 300 strokes. My erection quality is fine and I started getting more night wood.

Have you tried the newbie routine? Are you warming up? Are you warming down? Like sunny posted, are you consistent, because consistency is the key to all this PE stuff. How much time are you spending on this? To much PEing in one day can be bad for gains. One thing to look at is that you are getting more night erections. Oh, don’t forget the piss pull.

countdown 2:

That tells me that you have not completed the Newbie Routine, which calls for you to increase your jelqing time to 30 minutes. At three seconds per jelq, that is 20 per minute. In 30 minutes, that would be 600 jelq strokes.

Try increasing your jelqing, to start with. Add additional jelqs gradually, watching your EQ and PIs.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

I have been 100% consistent with my exercises. So you agree I should up my jelqs? What about stretching time, more or less?

Countdown, I apologize if I missed it, but what are your starting/current measurements for erect state?

You mentioned you only needed a half an inch - in which direction - girth or length?

You say you’ve been consistent since March, so you have been at PE for about 5 months or so. Are you ABSOLUTELY sure you are measuring correctly?

If you can answer those 3 questions I think we can give you some better suggestions. :D

S.O. at P.B.

Oh and I’ve gained a half-inch in BPEL in under a month of PE that wasn’t anywhere as intense as your routine. I may be an easy gainer, you may be a hard gainer. I really do feel that 0.5” in length is obtainable by anyone, regarldess of how hard of a gainer they are. With that being said, if it is length you desire, I’m sure we can figure this out.

If you are looking for 0.5” in girth, well that could be tougher. That’s my opinion of course.

S.O. at P.B.

The half an inch I am looking for is in the length deparment. My current length is 7”BP/ 6.25” Non BP and I was bang on that 5 months ago. I just don’t want to lose faith in Thunder’s because this place has been my solace. It keeps be going even when I become skeptical at times I hang on.

#1, chill the hell out. Anxiety alone causes shrinkage, and regardless of what you _think_—your dick is more than adequate and most would say “above average”.

First step is to chill out.

Best of luck, and I’m pretty confident you’ll reach your goals and update us on your success.

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