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I am so pleased

I am so pleased


Just a few days ago I found this forum and started my jelq routine on a daily basis together with some Kegel work out. I have to tell you that only a few days made my dick having stronger full erections. Being stronger erection, I can tell you that from 13,5cm NBPL I measured 14,1 today. I am not saying that jelq routine has already stretched my best friend, but I think it helped the blood flow achieve its full capacity without stretching. Also the act of “milking” is a pleasure for me, I just can’t avoid full erection and have to wait for a semi one and start again.
With good results so quickly for me, the only thing on my mind is that every man should do jelq in order to keep Willy healthy and ready!
One question I have is regarding shaving your balls. Every time I do that I cut myself there. Is there any technique or product that you apply when shaving ?

Thanks a lot,

Munchener, (Very Happy Today)

Now: 13,9 cm X 14cm NBP

Target: 15 cm X 14cm NBP

Hello Munchener, welcome to Thunder’s Place!

I too am a big fan of jelqing and have to pace myself to avoid becoming too aroused. After awhile, you’ll be able to do more reps before getting close to full erection. It’s all about conditioning.

Shaving my balls is a personal struggle I constantly face. Be sure to check out J Meister’s thread on the subject. The product that Mushroom links to sounds great. I’m thinking about ordering one.

Well, sounds like you’re off to a great start. Good luck PE’ing and enjoy your time at Thunder’s Place!

Thanks stevie31. For sure I will get that conditioning that will allow me control it better. That Seiko cleanshave looks excellent. I wonder if it is available here in UK. Thanks again for the tips.


Now: 13,9 cm X 14cm NBP

Target: 15 cm X 14cm NBP

Yay another UK guy measuring in cm! Its so much easier to measure than inches. Metric all the way! wonder if we can convince the whole of thunders place to move to cm’s!

Doubt it tho, they have already got to me, I measure in inches now - my GCSE maths teacher wouldnt be happy!



I always found it difficult when i first started to jelq because of erections. I use to try and read something (like the back of the lube bottle) inorder to take my mind off what i was doing, that seemed to work. Now its the other way round, i need something to get me up!

Yeah cm’s or mm is the way to go. I never understand inches, i wish the world would wipe out inches all together. i read on these forums that some guys report 1/16 of an inch. What the hell does 1/16 of an inch work out to be? But with mm meaurements are nice and precise

I’m from a metric country, but I’m so used to those dang American heights, weights, and dick sizes that I prefer using feet, pounds and inches respectively for them.

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