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I am so happy that I found this site


I am so happy that I found this site

I am 30 years old, 5’9” (though I tell girls I’m 5’10”), 175 pounds (lost 25 pounds in past year but would like to weigh 155-160) and tend to be depressed most of the time. I spend a great deal of time thinking and not much time doing — I spend most of my free time by myself and for the past year or so prefer it that way.
Just to get it out of the way, my penis is 5.5 inches NBP and 6.25 inches around at the midpoint with a bigger base whose measurements are unknown, probably around 6.5 inches or so.
My flaccid penis looks very small and I have had a complex about it since middle school when I realized that I didn’t fill my tightie whities out like the other kids. To make things worse, I shared a room with my older brother whose package looked enormous to me. He would lift weights and do push-ups in his underwear and though he never saw me in underwear (I would dress with my back to him and would never hang out in my underwear) I figured that he must have known he was more endowed than me. We really never got along and truly hated each other and I am convinced that he would hang out in his underwear when working out just to show off.
I never once saw a penis smaller than mine while I was growing up and my package in tight whities was definitely the smallest. I remember measuring my erection at 14 years old and my erection angle was very high and without pushing it down to the horizontal completely it was 3 3/4 inches long. At that time my flaccid had to be somewhere between 1.5 - 2 inches.
Today, my flaccid still appears extremely small to me and when I measure it holding it out horizontally NBP I get between 2.75 - 3.5 inches, depending on temperature and other variables. But it doesn’t really hang, it kinda sticks out instead of hanging. My flaccid girth is 4.5 - 4.75 inches. I believe I have a high exiting penis and pretty tight ligs since I cannot under any circumstances bend my fully hard erection below 9:00. My erection angle is 10:00 by the way. My LOT is btwn 9:00 and 10:00.
You have to understand that I grew up without the internet. I had no idea what the average size was until I was 22 or so and looked it up on the net. I was so scared that I was tiny that I didn’t let a girl see my penis until I was in college. It was really frightening the first time I hooked up but it went much better than I thought.
All thru college I had no idea how I stacked up but I felt I was very small.
Though I wore regular condoms at first, they felt extremely tight and would literally choke my penis. But I asked around and my friends just said that it was supposed to be tight so I didn’t think anything was unusual. I still thought I was very small.
During one hookup during college I attempted to fuck this girl without much foreplay. I knew that she was kind of a whore and didnt really feel like doing anything down there. She told me that I was “hurting” her and that I was big. I knew that she had fucked somebody with an 8 inch penis so I was confused. I just figured that she was dry..
After college I was fooling around with this girl and she told me “C’mon, you know that you are big.” I thought she was joking and didn’t make much of it.
A few weeks later I found a website that listed the Kinsey study and discovered that my girth was in the top 1 percentile. I didn’t believe it and still felt very small.
This discovery made a lot of things that had happened with girls previously make sense. But my length was below average (it was 5 1/4 inches NBP at that time) and though my dick scored big in girth, I felt just as small as I had before.
Since that time I have fucked over 25 women. Many of them have commented on how big my cock feels and looks but I still struggle with feelings of inadequacy. I believe these feelings stem from several things — The shortened appearance of my cock due to it’s large girth, my tiny flaccid size, and probably most importantly, an entire childhood and adolescence where I felt my penis was tiny. In addition, I very rarely hit the back of the pussies that I have fucked and I just feel that if my cock was 2 inches longer that I could enjoy sex a lot more as well as give women a lot more pleasure.
My current measurements are NBP 5.5 inches long with a girth of 6.25 inches.
My goal is to keep my girth the same (I don’t want to get any thicker as many girls complain after awhile and sometimes I have problems even entering).
I would like to add 2 - 2.5 inches of length for a final goal of 7.5 - 8 inches long with a girth no bigger than 6.5.

I plan on posting here because I feel this is a great community and I would like to share any gains and methods that I use with everybody on here.

Please feel free to say hi or respond to anything in this post.

I will be starting out with the newbie routine for the 1st 3 months and then I plan on wrapping with the Thera-P thingie.
Also, if anybody could tell me what exercises I should be doing to gain LENGTH only (I realize that this is nearly impossible to gain length without adding any girth at all but anything that will maximize length without adding much girth is what I am looking for).
Oh, and one more thing, I am looking to add flaccid length as well!!

Thank you and hello to all!

That is awesome man, you are in a good starting place since you have such great girth to begin with. Start out with some stretches, and some light jelqs (I doubt you will gain girth if you keep the jelqing minimal). Then I would suggest that you read all you can about weights and hanging. Good luck.

Hey Ryan, welcome aboard. Man, you’ve come to the right place. Develop a good basic stretching routine and get conditioned. After a few months, you can upgrade your routine with a little more extensive stretching. Just be patient and consistent. This is a change in lifestyle and it won’t happen over night. It will most likely take a couple of years. Good Luck

Hey bud, great story. And im glad you realize you are huge in at least one department of penile size. Ok first off dont go crazy with the wrap, make sure that when you wear it that it’s not tight enough that it makes your dick turn cold. When I wear mine i can usually pee with it on with no constriction. Ok now that thats out the way. You are in a REALLY good starting position. If you PE consistently and safely you should have absolutely no problem gaining. For example I was 5.5nbp and I measured in at 6.5nbp in just 3months, so this shit works. Just stick with it and you’ll be just fine.

PS. FYI I started with a very low lot like 6:30-7 and i still made a gain of an inch within 3 months, so you might be quite amazed at what happens to you over the next few months giving that you have such a High LOT. But please dont be overly anxious and rush into things without a conditioned dick.

Good Luck with you routine, and feel free to ask any of us for advice or whatever.

Take care,


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Failure comes to those who indifferently allow themselves to become failure conscious.- Napoleon Hill

Welcome to thunders your already normal length and extremely fat, you may want to give hanging a try if you have the time.

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

Good girth is way more important to women than length. All you want to do is stretch. Hanging is the most effective, but you should read everything you can find on the subject of hanging before you start. This is not a newbie exercise, but with 6.25 girth there is no reason to do anything that promotes girth.

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Welcome Ryan,

First of all you have way above average girth, so you’re already half way there to your desired penis size. In your case, probably some regular jelqing will go a long way to getting more of those flaccid and erect length gains that you want. I think good things are in store for you, if you commit yourself longterm to a consistent PE program using the great information on this site. Like you, I used to have a very tight 2” or so flaccid size, which is now always hanging loose between 5 - 6 inches. It happened for me, and I’m sure it can work for you too. Good luck.


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Yo how the hell do you have a 5.5in Length with a 6.25Girth? How the hell does that happen?? Just wondering for the scientific knowledge of Thunder’s Place. Seriously, doctors would probably want to study you. Jaja

OH and are you white, latin, or African-American, just to know also. No racial thing here, I’m just curious. I’m Puerto Rican
You definitely have to do hanging only bro.

Just wanted to thank all you guys for the welcome..

Locoloco — I don’t know how it happened but I’d rather have less girth and more length, if I had a choice.
Is it unusual to have a 6.25 girth with a 5.5 length?

I am white..

By the way, everybody says that I need to hang but the idea kinda freaks me out. Can I gain 2 inches length just from stretching and jelqing or is hanging going to be most likely necessary?

Of course, I will do the newbie routine for the first few months.

Welcome aboard brother boxcar. We’ve been waiting your arrival.
Hang out, do a lot of reading, and listen to the vets around here.

You’re in the right place.

But do yourself a favor and go back and read that WHOLE page where you have to hit the agree button when you first log on.
There’s a wealth of pertinent information there that someone took the time to write in hopes that we would all read it.

PE’ing your way to a bigger dick will definitely change your life, but you’re the one who has to change you.


ryan_bresson ; Thank you for sharing your challenges with us you have great girth stats and your length is ok and with dedication you can and will improve it without a doubt. Keep focussed and remember you can succeed if that is what you want. I came across PE more than a year ago but dimissed it as b.s. but I decided to give it has bash some two months ago and I have been amazed at some of the length gains that stretching&jelqing have provided and I am still going at it.All praise be to all who have shared their wisdom and experiences and still continue to do so.

05/12/2005 : BPEL: 6.1"x EG:5.5" Current as of : 24/12/2011 : BPEL 7.87" x EG: 6.3" Long term Goal 8.5"x 6.4"

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Thanks Phenyo..

I finally got a BP measurement and my starting stats are 6.5 EBP (5.5 NBP with a 1 inch fat pad) and 6.25 EG.

When everybody is throwing around 8X6 as an ideal size, are they talking 8 inches BP or NBP??

Just wondering, I would love to reach 8 inches NBP but that is probably a bit unrealistic.
In the next 12 months I am aiming for 7.5 EBP and my eventual goal is to be 8.25 EBP with a .75 inch fat pad, making me 7.5 NBP (if I lose 15 pounds I figure I can lose .25 off my fat pad)

Welcome to the forum, Ryan_Bresson. You have a great story and you told it well.

It sounds like your shaft is wrapping well up the front of your pubic bone. That accounts for your high erection angle. I think your short term goal should be to lower that angle with some consistent downward stretching. Consider investing in an ADS or other device to apply steady downward traction. Also, consider jelqing palms-down at a low erection level.

See where that gets you. In 4 months, you may have a noticeably different dick and a very different attitude. Then you can recalibrate and consider whether you’d like to start hanging.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

ModestoMan —

Thanks for the welcome!
Quick question: Does the Thera-P wrap count as an ADS??

Oh, and for everybody wondering about whether females crotch watch, they absolutely do, I have caught many of them but I don’t really have any bulge or anything whether I am sitting or standing so they aren’t really looking at much..

By the way, I have purposefully gotten erect and pushed it sideways and I have to say that women go absolutely crazy for cock bulges..


Good luck and Good girth.

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