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I am hurting!!!!!!!! HELP!!

I am hurting!!!!!!!! HELP!!

I was doing my regular Pe session this morning and got really surprised. I was jelqing and putting pressure to the right because I have a curvature to the left. I have been really working hard on that left curvature lately. I was watching TV and really didn’t have my mind on the workout like I should of. I felt a sting and my penis about half way started to really burn. I got really afraid that I really messed myself up. It is now almost 10 p.m. and I am still burning. Right in the place that is burning it is sore also. I can’t see or feel anything different though about my penis. No swelling or anything such as that. I don’t know exactly what is going on but it has got me worried. I have did the searching here to try to find out what has happened but can’t find anything that fits my symthoms. I may not have been taking enough time off. I have been getting great gains and just didn’t want to give myself any time off. I guess now I don’t have a choice do I? Does anyone here have any idea what has happened to me. Thanks, Danni

You were getting great pains but didn’t stop? No wonder man.. If I were you I’d take an extended holiday from PE, and seek professional assistance if the pain persists after three days.

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Hard to say what is the cause of your pain , from your description , bro . Could be most anything , without any visual cues , or more info . I would say , though , that regardless of what happened , some good , long , and regular heat would help whatever it is . Also , homeopathic Arnica , and also Arnica gel , cream , or ointment applied topically will also help whatever it is . Best wishes to you , and let us know when you have more info , and anything more specific .

Take at least 2 days off and if the pain is still intense you might have to doctor up. To me it sounds like you went a little too hard without realizing it and your dick is sending you a message along the lines of “chill the fuck out cause I’m the only one you’ve got”. Good luck - hope it’s okay.

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