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I am having trouble gaining.....

I am having trouble gaining.....

So for the last year (just over) I have been PEing consistently with the help and tips from you nice people here at Thunder’s. Before I joined this forum, I was jelqing and using a stretching device for around three years. In those three years I didn’t gain a centimetre. In fact I beleive I may have lost a bit. Every one of my routines left my dick cold and turtled. Obviously I was way over working myself.

I was finally lucky enough to become a member here just over a year ago. When I joined I immediately started with the newbie routine even though I had worked my penis much harder than that on several occassions in the past. Since joining Thunder’s I have significantly decreased the amount of time I spend on each workout, compared to the three years prior to joining Thunder’s.

Yesterday before my workout I measured myself for the first time since I joined this forum. My measurements were BPEL 6.9 inches and EG 5.25 inches. This was my first time accurately measuring since joining. When I first joined I did some “inaccurate” measuring and I know that it was very close to these measurments. This means that I didn’t gain much if anything at all since joining here.

I have however had some obvious benefits from the routines that I derrived from Thunder’s. Since joining I have had a much better EQ and increased ease of erections. That is all fine and I am thankful for what I can get. However it is very frustrating to know that I have spent so much time and energy in the last four to five years trying to gain and I haven’t really gained anything.

I am now thinking that, in those three years prior to joining Thunder’s, I may have stunted the growth or the ability to grow in my penis. Like I said after every workout my penis was hurt, cold and turtled. It was so stupid of me because I would still increase the intensity of my workouts even though they were hurting me. But I wasn’t gaining.

Most of the damage came from using the stretching device. So as soon as I joined Thunder’s and became more educated I ditched the stretcher right away. I started with the newbie routine and stuck with it for about nine months. After nine months I stopped jelqing and went to clamping. In the last six months I have been developing my routine in a way that leaves my penis feeling full, engorged and warm.

Mannual stretching never seemd to do anything but hurt my glans. So I pulled out the stretching device again. This is where it really gets discouraging. Like I said I was using the device for about three years. During the three years I would always only reach the same stretched length. Now fifteen months later of doing proprer PE workouts I can still only reach the same stretched length.

This doesn’t make sense to me at all. I don’t understand how I cannot push it further. It is really very frustrating. Sometimes I want to choke someone…. Well not someone… My dick. I know a lot of you guys here are very educated on the penis wether it is scientifically, philosophically or just with PE and its effects. So…. What I am asking is this: Does it sound to you like I can actually gain anything?

I have spent so much time trying to gain only to be let down. I am not sure if I should continue anymore.

My current routine is as follows:

5-10 minute warm up with rice sock and some very light jelqing
10 minutes of Keeping my dick stretched to its max with the stretching device.
10 minutes clamped (first 5 minutes one clamp with very light jelq- second five minutes double clamped)
I try to keep it at 2 days on and 1 day off but sometimes I will go more than 2 days on. I always try to leave my penis wanting more. (This leaves my penis begging for a workout everyday)

Anyways I hope one of you dick pulling professionals can diagnose my problem and help me to overcome this five year slump. I always appreciate the help offered here. I am very grateful for the fact that complete strangers are so willing to help especiallly on such a highly sensitive topic. Thank Guys!

Keep up the good work!


This is discouraging. Some guys just can’t grow.

What’s the ‘stretcher device’ you used?

I see no jelqs in your routine, and, while I don’t think that they are the holy grail of PE, I think they should never miss. Clamping and stretching tends to fight each other, if it’s clear what I mean. I would replace clamping with jelqs.

Ok, ok, I know what you are going to say : I tried the newbie routine and did nothing for me, so jelqs will not help. Well, if you are convinced that manuals are not going to work, time to switch to something else. If you have time, hanging could be an option; using a stretcher would be another one. There are threads about how to make a homemade extender with few bucks, so do a search.

I read that one of the mods gained virtually nothing in length until he tried hanging. It’s pretty simple…some guys get a good chest from barbell work, others use dumbells and others use machines exclusively.The time spent finding the right routine sort of sucks but won’t be wasted if you keep at it and eventually get the right combination of exercises.

Just stick with it man, keep reading, keep posting, keep learning about PE and learn to enjoy it. If your routine isn’t working then try something new! I don’t beleive in non-gainers.

And I would strongly agree with Marinera - don’t do exercises that contradict each other.

Try this:

Take a 1 month decon break. Don’t do ANY PE. After that start this routine:

3 days on, 1 day off

5 minutes warm up in the shower
5 minutes manual stretches in the shower (find a way that doesn’t hurt)
5 minutes wet jelq (out of shower)

Only masturbate on your off days (sex is fine)

Doing your exercises in the shower is a good way to make sure the tissue stays supple and might help with the pain you get while doing manuals. I know it seems simple compared to all the other stuff you have been doing, but give it a shot. Less is more works for a lot of guys (I am one of them). And yes, Jelq is THAT important.


Starting (10 / 2006): 5.8~BPEL, 5~BG ----> Current: 7.6 BPEL, 5.6 BG ----> Goal: Pringles Can

Thank you all for your input. I am on my second day of my deconditioning break. The rest of the month or so will be difficult as I am practically addicted to PE. When I come off my decon break I will definitely try a more simple routine, one similar to what Whiskey recommended. I am just very frustrated right now but there must be a way I can grow.

I read that once you take your routines to one level, it is pointless to reduce the routine. I understand that this is the concept at it’s simplest form but it leaves me asking a lot of questions. For instance, maybe I have toughened my penis so much that I can’t gain at all. Or, maybe I have to try something really extreme because of the toughening I created.

I am not sure what it is at the moment but I know that there must be something I can do to gain. If anyone out there has had similar problems and over came them please tell me how you did that. I don’t think I will ever stop PE in all forms for the rest of my life. That being said I have to find something that will actually produce results. With the help of you great people I am sure I will.

Thanks again!

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