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I am having the PE surgery done in 2 weeks

I am having the PE surgery done in 2 weeks

As a few of you who know me from my site know, I have elected to have both the lengthening and the girth surgery done in 2 weeks. I have been PEing on and off for half a decade and while I made a few newbie gains, I am nowhere close to my goal and I haven’t had a gain in several years. I began considering PE surgery when I noticed a few members here and at a few other forums had had good success with it recently. The procedure has somewhat of a bad reputation because it is often performed by unskilled physicians. However, in the past few years there have been a lot of breakthroughs, mainly with the use of Alloderm instead of fat for the girth. In addition, of the ~30 or so doctors in the Us who perform this procedure, only a handful are actually qualified to do so.

The alloderm is from cadavers and your body grows into it and once complete, it will look, feel, and function just like the penis tissue you already have. While a number of men here have had it, there does seem to be a lack of documenting evidence in the form of clear erect pictures available. I made this post because I will be sharing my results, whether good or bad, with the entire PE community. I am confident in my choice of doctors and I expect to finally hit my goals with this procedure. I will not retire from PE per se when the operation is over. My post operative care will involve pumping and stretching which will lengthen the penis much easier after the ligament has been detached from the pubic bone. I hope that everyone who has considered this surgery as a last resort will follow up with my progress, which I will be documenting. I know that I would have liked to have seen more B&A pics and testimonials before undergoing this, but it is a risk I am willing to take.

There are only a few drawbacks to the procedure from what I have heard by those who had it done. The main is the cost. This is costing me $10,500 dollars to have done. Also, I will be in recovery for 6-8 weeks without sex and there have been reports of quite a bit of pain, although the doctor said it is a relatively pain free procedure. I was told the same by the doctor before undergoing laser surgery of my face to correct some scarring and the doctor was wrong and the patients were right. I do expect this to hurt. Regardless of my results, I plan to do an extensive study on this and it should help us determine if the PE surgery is the way to go.

WARNING: 8-Ball no longer recommends PE surgery with Doctor Gary Rheinschild. While my initial opinions on experiences with my operation were positive, things have taken a DRASTIC turn for the worse. The doctor was extremely negligent with the surgery and the aftercare, and the results have been disastrous. Please read ALL of my posts regarding penis enlargement surgery before considering this. I used to speak highly of the man and his procedures, and it is important to read EVERYthing I have written about my experience at this forum to get a good handle on how things have turned out so far.


Good luck to you. I wish you well and hope the results meet your expectations. We look forward to having you document your journey here on Thundersplace.


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Originally Posted by ThunderSS

Get plenty of before pics 8-Ball, measurement pics and lots of different angles.

I will. My main purpose in posting is to share my experience as honestly and as detailed as I can. I hope to take some of the mystery out of the procedure.

Originally Posted by ThunderSS

Any chance that you could get a friend to take pics during the procedure?

Do you mean of my unit right after it is completed, or while I am unconscious (which I will be while I am operated on)?

Originally Posted by ThunderSS
Any chance that you could get a friend to take pics during the procedure?

Do we have a volunteer?

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Originally Posted by ThunderSS

The more pictures the better I would think.

I can certainly take them before and right after. I am going to CA alone for the procedure but I will ask the doctor if he can help me get some shots during the operation.

Originally Posted by ThunderSS

Maybe one of the doc’s sales people would do it for you? I would ask the doc first though, he may have a reason to not allow such things. Insurance regulations and such.

I think the only issue will be that he has revolutionized the procedure and does it differently than the rest. He might not want his secrets getting out which is understandable. But, he might let me take some pictures which wouldn’t totally let the cat out of the bag. I will have to ask him next time we talk on the phone.

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Okay, I know I don’t belong here, I’m going to shut up now, but wouldn’t it be better to take that ten thousand dollars (ten thousand dollars!) and spend it on hot, nubile, expensive call girls that will be able to convince you you’re hung like racehorse?

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Good luck 8-Ball. Wish you the best and can’t wait to hear about the results.

Did the doctor give you a specific stretching/pumping regiment for afterwards, or is he going to let you determine how to stretch it out? I guess what I’m wondering is if he recommended pumping for length?

Also, do these doctors ever lipo the fat pad during these surgeries? It seems like this might also be an effective way of adding, yet another quick inch.

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