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I am from MOS forum

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I am from MOS forum

Hello all,

I’ve been dabbling with PE since last year. I used to be on the MOS forum but I left due to the fact everyone put me down constantly and made fun of me. Too much negative energy over there, huge lack of respect.

Anyway, I tried doing a routine for 65 days and I didn’t gain at all.

I was doing 1 hour of jelqing with some kegels and stretching
I was doing pumping as well for at least 20 minutes at least twice a day

I was doing this routine at least 4 times a week

I gained nothing and was disappointed, MOS forum members just told me I was an idiot.

I use a novelty pump that doesn’t have a gauge but it still works but I usually end up flaccid as soon as the pump comes off and the size goes away in 10 minutes.

I plan on buying some yohimbe since that is the key ingredient in penis pills, to help me with my PE routine that I plan on starting again.

I started PE because I’m so small I can’t feel anything during sex, not enough girth to fill the space.

My stats:
Length: 4 inches
Girth: 4 inches
Age: 20

I say start over.

Go with the newbie routine. There is no need for you to be doing an hour’s jelqing. 15 minutes to half an hour should be more than sufficient.

Try a five minute warm up before hand, and continue with the post jelk stretching. You’ll find the guys here plenty helpful. Good luck.

Also, search around the threads here to see how others jelq. It could be that your technique isn’t right.



Good luck! I hope you find what you need here.

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Horus, welcome to Thunders Place. You will not be treated like an idiot here unless you ask for it. Thunders is a place where respect for our fellow members is shown, since we are all here for the same thing. Please use the search button for any questions you may have and you will be surprised how much knowlege you will find also, read the forum guidelines. Good luck and again, Welcome to the best PE forum around.

I use yohimbe occasionally but it isn’t for everyone and can cause serious health complications for some guys. Do a bit of homework first and start with very small doses if you try it.

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This place is better than MOS, at the MOS forum it would take weeks maybe even months before someone even replied to anything. Here you get replies within the hour, that’s great!

Girth: 4 inches

Length: 4 inches

Age: 20

Welcome Horus, you will find a wealth of information here as well as a great bunch of people who will help and guide you.

I will stress what ziggaman stated, do the newbie routine for at least 2 to 3 months and read a lot. Do use the search function, and if you can’t find what you are looking for ask. As TNTjockey said, no one here will treat you like an idiot unless you ask for it (and I doubt if you will).

Once again, welcome to Thunders.

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Welcome Horus. Good Luck in your PE journey :)

An hour of jelqing is way too much. Start over with the Newbie Routine, as others have said.

You may even want to start out with something less, such as this routine: - Modified newbie routine

Either way, I suggest taking a break and coming back with a really light routine. Then move up from there.

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+1 on taking a decon break. If you’ve been overtraining that much, it may be wise to take a couple weeks to a month off.

One thing I’ve come to realize in my past dabblings with PE is that you really, really have to take it slow. It’s so easy to do too much because hey, we all want to be bigger right now. I’ve been on and off with PE for many years, and I’ve never really gained anything because I think I’ve overtrained. Now that I finally have the time/privacy to do some serious PE, I try to remember to take it slow. So far, I feel really good about my workouts. Your dick should feel and look healthy after a workout. This thread is an excellent read for that.

I whole heartedly recommend doing the newbie routine as it is written. Get a feel for what a good workout should be and go from there. Remember, slow and steady wins the race.

Welcome Horus. Forget about the pump for time being.

Horus, See what I mean, we at Thunders, WEEZZ FAMILY!


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