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I am from MOS forum

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Wow! Horus’s join date was 02-03-2007, he had 21 posts and 2 threads and he was kicked out that same day, Hahaha! Wow, that just like me going to In and Out Burger. Sheesh! some people stay longer at a movie than Horus’s stay here.

Thunder, I know about the Forum Guidelines, But did you wake up in a bad mood on that day? Tic Tock

Just kidding boss!

On this thread, he seemed like a nice guy and on his other thread he was very angry. Dr Jeckel and Mr Horus.

Originally Posted by tntjockey
I went over to MOS last night cause I was curious to see if horus was threading anything about Thunder’s Place. I could not find one thread or post of Horus. Not one.

Horus goes by the name painful pleasur over at MOS.

Horus was out of here by the time Gui_DC posted at 2:56 which is a good thing cause he may have taken that as an attack and not good advice. Horus last posted here at 2:28 and was booted 8 minutes later on his other thread.

Sorry guys, I can’t help it, I stayed home from work today cause I am not feeling well and I don’t feel like lying in bed either.

Originally Posted by sonicjelqs
Horus goes by the name over at MOS.

I went to MOS and read some of painful pleasur aka Horus’s threads and he would have turned out to be banned here in due time. He is a very angry person over there too. Below is a response from another member of MOS and this is a typical response from other members in other threads to Horus and it just goes on. I read other threads of his where he a post to other members to fuck off.

Originally Posted by Threak at MOS
You seem to be on the defense with all the threads you start and your postings. We are in support of your decisions and efforts here. Just do your research and base your decision on truth(s).

You think DLD threw together his 5-phase program in a week. Nah, he did mass amounts of research and learning to form a decision to do it over several years. Granted I’m not talking about spending years learning about the penis and circumcision. Find someone that is an expert on your issue and keep an open mind. Not someone to simply agree with you.

The guy has complexes, that pretty much says it all, I feel sorry for him honestly, not because of his dick size, but because he goes threw life as an angry individual with a negative outlook on things.

Wishing and hoping for the best - yup your doing it wrong.

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