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Hypothetical New Regimen, How does it sound?

Hypothetical New Regimen, How does it sound?


So I’ve been trying to come up with something I could stick to. I came up with this plan. If there is any concern about something that is incorrect, or possibly dangerous that you notice, please post it. If you think it is OK, then please say that, and any extra advice is great. Thanks

1) 5-7 Min. Warmup (shower)
2) Stretching Ligs; I believe i have like a 7:30 LOT, so I’m still stretching low.
For this stretching, I am pulling 30 seconds, to the left/low, 30 to the
middle/low, and 30 to the right/low, pulling from about an inch, away from
the head (for the ligs right?). I do 10 reps, of 30 seconds each pull, which
comes to around 5 minutes
3) Stretching tunica; pulling left/up, middle/up and right/up about and inch
away from base. (Is this a correct method?) Another 10 Reps of 30
seconds each, coming to another 5 minutes. (Please tell me if there is a
better tunica expansion method.)
4) Jelq; using body lotion, I do an OK and push down from base to
beginning of glans. (I also squeeze the BC muscle to pump in blood before
continuing with the next hand). I do 10 reps of 3 second pushes (one
major rep, i guess) and twenty all together of those. This comes to 200
pulls, and about 10 minutes.
5) warm down 5-7 minutes (using hot wet towel, refreshing it when it gets

All of the time, I take breaks between reps, to shake the penis out.

Please give me feedback on my Regimen, as I hope it is both safe and effective. Thanks much


I’m new at this too but it sounds good to me. Similar to what I’m doing.

Sounds like a good plan Sparky. Welcome to Thunder’s. Just remember to not overdo things. It is easy to get carried away. It just feels so good! Remember to take your measurements before you begin so you have a refference to measure gains against. Good luck!


thanks guys,

I’m just hoping that there isn’t anything that I have put in there, that would be dangerous or incorrect.

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