Hypospadias, Routines and Results

Long time lurker and first time poster.

There is minimal material on Thunders in regards to members born with hypospadias. From my reading, it is a condition that is becoming more common. I’m curious about which routines have worked for other members, and subsequently, how severe the condition is.

I have a mild case, my urethra opens about 1/16th of an inch below (on the underside of glands) where the opening is normally. I had prostatitis 4 years ago and a benign tumor on my unit, and was referred to a urologist. I had a cystoscopy done, the tumor removed, and the opening of the urethra stretched out.

My starting stats are BPEL 6.5” and EG 5”. My dick has a minor twist when erect. Imagine getting hard, and twisting your unit at the base about 20 degrees. My unit is an extreme turtler. There are times my flaccid is 1”-1.5”, and normally it is around 2”-3”.

I tried jelqing and stretching around 10 years ago with little success. I was 18 years old, and couldn’t control my erections well enough to get a good session in. In 2006 I purchases an extender and attempted jelqing and stretching. I didn’t stick with my routine long enough to see any results and wound up at the urologist with prostatitis. Until 3 months ago, I would start to PE and stop within a month or two.

My current routine falls in between the “Newbie Routine” and the “Modified Newbie Routine.”

5-8 minutes hot wrap
5-10 minutes stretching
10 minutes jelqing
5-8 minutes hot wrap

I started with one day on and one day off, and after a month have increased to 2 on/1 off. I have made a small girth gain of 1/8th of an inch. I have not seen much increase in flaccid.

Hopefully a vet or two can chime in with some wisdom.