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Hypogonadism Test lesion Pump Hang Stretch 2 Years trolling.

Hypogonadism Test lesion Pump Hang Stretch 2 Years trolling.

So, I probably started PEing semi seriously when I suspected Hypogonadism, (But I didn’t know what it was then)
I just knew my nuts hurt and they were shoved into my stomach and I would say “I’m growing ovaries.”
This resulted in a divorce, which was good in the end. Although, she became a squirter during our marriage so I had a measurable quota for my psychology.
I likely developed the back problems due to bone loss from low T anyway and I suspect I was partially hypo-atrop-whatever during my
First urologic visit between surgery 1 & 2 (which were 6 months apart) when I was 35.

Because I was on opiates for pain, (DUH), overweight and too young in general for this type of problem the
@$%H$le doctor told me I was just fat, a smoker out of shape and this happens. He only took a urine test which was completely
Unethical with testicle pain and sent me on my way. After a vesectime, (Am me not hearing hypogonadism, but “undersized”),
During my vesectime I became annoyed enough he quit saying it and likely never explained that I probably didn’t need it because
I was likely sterile as .. Anyway.

This although not officially, obviously makes stuff WAY worse.

Except that my now GF after a long story of abuse after leaving me said once one night when we was drunk that “X”, went places
Nobody else ever has, (I suspect a cul-de-sac), which is interesting because a previous boyfriend she complained about excessively
Because it was painfully big.. (But, we won’t get into that circle discussion.)

So, anyway back to me specifically.

While staying in bed/in my house and room for almost two years, I PE’d on the side. No, not consistently and I didn’t per-say find this forum.
But I got an extender and used it, the problem is that I had no libido. My recent T scores have been sense they were tested later..
160, after supplements.
61 !!
So, I would assume back when I was PE’ing they were sub 200 ALL the time no question and likely sub 100.
Another gauge on this is your pain threshold goes through the floor and it makes it a feedback loop, I was on 180mg of morphine + a day
And anything else I could get and that didn’t help in the slightest.
So, yeah, jelqing was a job. And even when I had an erection it was like, That sucks.

Now, early on, opiates delay and numb you a bit and you can screw the lights out of a chick, this I suspect is how the wife eventually learned the squirt thing,
But unfortunately, the long term effects of my health problems screwed me badly.

Now, fast forward, it’s not SO bad.
Over the last several months, I can’t actually get enough time to read this forum and I’ve..
Used the bathroom buddy..
Enough that I did 2 20 minute sessions a week after I got it on a sunday and the GF said that I had to quit PE.. Which I did for a week maybe..
So, the girth, which I think was like 7” that DAY, for AWHILE, pissed her off.. She said it was quite unnatural, which it was, I got that ring thingy,
Although, I don’t care, I’m still a man although my numbers would argue at times. And I privately smiled as she winced before I told her I got he BB.
I sneakily used it the weeks she bleed for a month or two.

Eventually after kicking the opiates for awhile I finally determined I was hyper-gonadic and my entire life problems, weren’t PE or the way I was doing it,
But was that I had no T.

Now I am bad at being consistent so, no I didn’t take pictures, but I’m going to guess from when I was in my 20’s that I was 5.5, but I didn’t know about BPEL.
And I’m plump, so I’m going to guess that I’ve maybe done .5 in all my recent PE’ing and that anything I did before got lost.


K, Doesn’t mean I’ve met my goal or anything bitchen, I just know I’ve gone both ways enough it’s worth it.

Now, to my current issues..

I’m new to the T thing that’s just a few weeks old so obviously that’s going to make a HUGE difference and already has.
Even 200mg of VIAGRA wasn’t working. AND $%@$%me does that give you a headache anyway.

So, I have been trying hanging with just 1.15 pounds, I swing it a little, (I do it while I play the drums to the time goes quick.)

Anyway as to the hanging, and pumping, (I got the black pump they sell at Adam and Eve), I didn’t both with anything special and I go between 10 and 15 on that
I don’t remember what the numbers mean..
Interestingly I measured that tube and It’s just shy of 8” long and I can’t be 3 cm under it, which is kind of baffling as the BB measures at about 7”,
But I don’t put the ring on the bottom when using that.

Anyway, everything was going good, but I’ve had to stop because.. Either it’s because of the T or PE induced..

But I’ve had a few lesions and they are sticking around longer than I’d expect, all my tests were negative and have been.

I still and not going to rule anything out though.

I also like an IDIOT****, keep streching and PEing, which keeps them from healing. So..

My questions are..

How long do you wait on the lesions,

How do you treat them, I haven’t seen good answers really specifically in the forums.

Does it change with the Hypogonadism and T injections, etc?
One is expected to get “breakouts” as a reaction to the HRT..

Anyway, I’m sorry, but my posts suck these days and alot of that comes from what happens to the brain
After you are exposed to poly-substance, opiates and low T for a long time.. ;) Just saying, that’s my diagnosis.for being an idiot. I’ll keep it at that. ;)

Sorry but I haven’t understood a single sentence of your post.

You should see an endocrinologist to assess your situation. That is if you speak clearer than you write

Does not compute!

3/11 - 8.25 BPEL X 6.00 EG - GOAL 9.00 BPEL x 6.50 EG.

Keep it simple in all your affairs. Words to remember and live by.

Try reposting in a condensed version. There’s a lot of good men here that will try to help you if they understand what you’re trying to convey.

Starting stats 3/2/12: BPEL 5.625, EG 5.375, Flaccid L 3.50, Flaccid G 5.125, Mild to moderate ED

Goals: It's growing and looking good. ED is slightly better. 4/30

Actually, I do speak clearer than I write.
Maybe not by much anymore, I’ve also been a BBS/Forum poster for a couple decades and bothering
To make by posts permanent and such isn’t high on my priority..

I did see an endocrinologist, who was much nicer and hot I might add.
She basically, just rules out any random causes, which is what I asked her to do.
She then told me to stick with my current HRT doc, who was really the guy who I was having issues with,
Because he was part of the same group that had missed the problems because and also the ones that after HRT
Treatment had my scores a 61.
I do realize what I did not mention is my numbers a xxxx. Not 1-999, but 1,xxxx. So, yeah at this point I feel better.
Notice however my memory and such are not making immediate returns.

A side effect I did not expect and this is not a physical improvement as far as energy, because It wasn’t endurance
Lacking before, but, songs I could not play correctly or remember the pieces to for years, probably before I had
The hormone issue I can now play better than I did ten years ago. So, muscle memory has returned.
Also, even though I would do 2-4 hours of cardio a day, I was gaining and loosing the exact same 10 pounds and
It wasn’t like a diet thing. It was because of my lack of T. That’s changed and now I’m loosing wight and not surprisingly,
Right after the belly my fat pad is the next place it’s stored..

Yes, I should have split them up, even I got confused half way down the story but anyway to summarize.

I went hypo, to levels of 61. Was trying PE but with little luck.
Fixed the T, but had breakouts and had to stop some of the PE.
It is working far better now, there are difficulties when your nuts are peanuts or less they tend to get sucked into
The tubes. But, it doesn’t hurt as much anymore, which you’d think is depressing, but, oh well

So, I was wondering how long one waits after a tear/cut/lesion, mine is right above the main lig on the top above the shaft,
So hanging/pumping/stretching tends to tear it. It’s like having a cut on the bottom of your toe, it’s hard to keep it from moving even normally.
(It’s almost healed now.)

And then, I guess I just decided to post.
I guess you see why I don’t post so much.. ;)

You need to see a knowledgeable endocrinologist. I have read that HCG should be combined with your TRT. TRT causes your testes to stop producing natural T so they start to atraphy and shrink. HCG induces the testes to produce natural T.

I asked my Uro, who prescribed the TRT, about HCG and he advised me to discuss it with my endocrinologist. I have an appointment next week and will report back with his response.

I have the over the counter HCG1234, from chevron. I called the 800 number to confirm the 10 drops was 150iu.
(Last I remember.)
So, yeah, I take 450 iu daily in rotation and my prolactin and Estrogen are down.

I’m looking into the blockers and such, I got a different MD to handle things as the urologist had a difinitive
Conflict of interest and as is a unfortunate case these days, doctors don’t get out of their boxes or step on each others
Toes so my new endo was not about to suggest a different urologist.

However, I had been seeing another specialist who was well aware I needed a proper co-ordinating MD and referred
Me to one that wasn’t ignorant of T issues and it’s got WAY better.

As it has been said on here and other forums, especially in the backwater area I’m in, many doctors are ignorant to the new data.
My Urologist claimed ignorance of HGC, but it was on his procedure chart. This was yet another indication he was not exactly truthful,
Amongst others like initially claiming I wasn’t a candidate for shots and then pushing topical and then after they failed miserably, pushing
Shots only after my insurances denied the pellets. Again, I think what the oath was supposed to do doesn’t work but that’s another topic.

Anyway, thank you all for helping and I probably should slow down and properly write this an be concise.

I think I have my chemicals in order, I’m almost healing and will continue some sort of routine.

Again, it’s a little bit of a pisser that weenie sized testicles makes the pumps difficult to use, although I almost got it to work
With everything in it, I suppose I could try a way wider tube, but I’ll have to research the forum on that one. I know some testicle
Pumping s probably ok, specially in my case.

So, that’s why I moved to hanging, stretching some, again, the testicles move out and up, rather than hang.

I guess I didn’t make it clear, but it is likely, prior to my very first urologist appointment I was ALREADY partially atrophied.

I was already having significant pain and in-between surgery, but the Dr, clearly, skipped over me, stereotyped me,
Didn’t give me a proper exam and I went on with my life unaware of the permanency and significance of the situation.

It is unclear whether I was already unsavable at that point, but I wasn’t even 35, so when it happened is a mystery. But it would explain
The sudden back issues and bone loss. Again, though, right at that point I could have gotten HRT and skipped 5 years of misery and years of
Narcotics not working worth a dang.

So, this isn’t supposed to be a pitty party, but more of a warning I suppose too.

And, that it can turn around, just don’t let them blow you into believing a 300 number will make you feel better if you have issues and
If you read this forum at all, pay attention to all the pitfalls, cause..

Unlike the saying says.. You CAN’T grow some.. So easily.. (Well, that produce T anyway, once they’re screwed.)

But hey, they got it in a bottle and it works just as well. But if it frys your brain in the meantime, you’re a little weird after that and ramble too. ;)

Thanks for the help.

I seem to have lost the direction of your original past. We’re you having problems getting and maintaining a good erection? If so, you may want to check out It is a forum dedicated to guys suffering from ED.

After more than 15 years of Diabetic induced ED, I am now capable of performing like a teen ager. Thanks to Trimix injections.

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