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Hypnosis/Self Hypnosis in PE

Hypnosis/Self Hypnosis in PE

In a separate thread I mentioned PE hypnosis and was asked about it. Not wanting to go off-topic in that thread I will answer the question about it here.

Many have stated how important it is to visualize as the PE exercises are being done. The very first PE routine that I did was listening to some self hypnosis tapes designed for increasing the size of my penis. They were purchased from a company that makes self hypnosis tapes targeted to a focused item. You can get the same type of tape for quitting smoking, or overcoming anxiety, etc.

I used the tapes for a couple of months. At that time in my PE career I had not found Thunders and did not keep track of measurements. I can say that during the months that I listened to the tapes I had increased EQ and very full flaccids. I didn’t measure enough back then to know if I grew any but I was very happy with the plump flaccid that I always had.

After a few months of listening to the tapes I wanted more so I started doing some jelqing and stretching. The tapes were not something that you can do easily stealth, so my wife was fully aware and supportive of them.

I believe mental imagery is very important and can make a difference in your PE career. I have listened to the tapes off and on a few times through my PE career and believe that they help, however, I do not believe that they would have given much growth, possibly some, but certainly not the amount that I wanted and have gained.

They actually make hypnosis tapes designed to increase penis size? What are they like? Not to mock the idea, but I picture a booming deep manly voice saying “grow sucka or ‘grow mutha fucka.” Or maybe a sexy women voice saying ” you’re penis is getting very warm now, ‘it’s growing……yeh, it’s getting THicker and LOnger, oh yes…..he eh he eh he…….uhh.”

Seriously though, I really do want to know what they are like.

Starting stats: Feb 08: [7.3 BPEL * 4.9? EG]----Now: [8.00 BPEL * 5.1-5.2 EG]------GOAL: [8 NBPEL * 6 EG]

Perception is reality.

It is actually a female voice.

I am sure they are still available on the web. Self hypnosis is a large field and has a certain level of effectiveness across many different desires, both physically related and mentally related, so, why not PE.

The tapes I bought was a set of 2 tapes, each one lasting near to 30 min. You were suppose to listen to one each day, so, sometimes I would go down to my car during my lunch hour at work and sit in the car and listen to one of the tapes. I would slip into enough of a relaxation stage that I would “wake up” at the end of the tape (basically when she told me to) and then head back up to work. After about a week of listening I was usually between 50 - 80% erect right after listening and I remained very full after that for the rest of the day.

I still have the tapes. I have made them into mp3 format, but, I do not listen to them mainly because I don’t have a time that I am willing to dedicate to doing so.
All PE that I do is done during multi-tasking now.

Originally Posted by Laeh
All PE that I do is done during multi-tasking now.

Ha Ha tell me about it.

I have a couple of these tapes, if nothing else they help keep me focused on PE. This kind of visualization has helped me with physique goals, so I figured why not.

It is also relaxing to listen to, kind of like having a 15 minute nap.

It is mostly visualization, seeing yourself a few months from now. And then imagining your brain turning on the hormones it used in puberty to make you grow. It encourages you to do your PE exercises. There is a woman’s voice in the background that repeats certain phrases in a sexy turned on voice.

The mind is powerful my friends!
Although I haven’t performed it with consistence, I firmly believe in self-hypnosis because I’ve had lots of visualization and it has really, really helped me out in many “interior” aspects.. I believe everything (or almost everything) is possible with self-hypnosis.. But you have to change your worldview.. For example, a normal person would think that his body is just a collection of muscles and bones that reaches certain size and cannot grow more. This would limit the power of the mind. If you think your body is an ever changing flow of energy, which you can manipulate, it’s a different story.. Telling your energy to activate growth hormone release, testosterone production, wanting to expand your penis in size by visualizing EVERYTHING expanding, from your own cells, multiplying and the muscle growing, everything interconnecting so your penis grows bigger. I think it can work, IF you definitely feel that it works.. If the mind can eliminate physical illness (placebo effect), then why shouldn’t it be able to make our penises grow bigger?
Although I advise that we take it as one more PE exercise, we should not replace the whole PEing with just hypnosis, we need to see it as just another growth exercise.

By the way, all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. You are the one who allows yourself to enter into that state.. In normal hypnosis, you just have someone with a script that knows the process well so you can enter faster.


START•INICIO ■09/16 BPEL: 16.5 cm, EG: 13.2 cm ■ *2 MONTH BREAK ■02/17 BPEL: 18 cm, EG: 13.7 cm

Goal•Meta: 20 cm BPEL y 14.5 EG. ☆☆DREAM•SUEÑO LOCO: 21.5 cm BPEL☆☆

I am a Certified Hypnotherapist and know with absolute certainty that hypnosis will work to help you focus on your growth work. The focused mind results in everything in our physical reality, from sales to athletics to relationships to physical healing.

I want to personally thank the hosts of this forum for providing a forum for helping us to get bigger.

My stats are, as of today, bpel 6.375” eg 5.5”

For some reason the stat page wouldn’t`t take my typing when I tried to input them.

I have been doing PE for about two months and while I haven`t kept measurements, I know that I`ve gained about a half inch or so in that time, and substantially greater quality of erections as a result.

My work-out is as follows;

Five days on week-ends off.

Half hour of stretching in a device I designed with parts from Home Depot in a hot bath, extending in half inch increments to almost 8 inches. (This process is extremely uncomfortable and I don`t recommend it at all from a liability standpoint and unless you are willing to endure significant pain and the occasional blood blister or two.) While in the stretcher I also do 200 Kegels.

Between 300 and 500 dry jelqs after urination in 100 jelq units. Mostly at night, as I hesitate to do that in a public washroom!

I started out stretching with my device after seeing similar devices posted on-line and was frankly not all that confident it would work for me because I had read that one needed to stretch gently over many hour a day to get results.

I started to use a clamp for sessions last week and noticed immediate loss of normal erection quality for a day and then recovered and notice as I continue a fuller feeling all day. I also wrap with 4” saran wrap, and I`m not sure whether this will do anything other than Keep a fuller stretch while I`m wearing it, but the thought struck me the other day and I thought I`d see what happened.

My thoughts on PE practice at the present is agnostic. If all that I come away with are greater erections with my wife and more stamina, then I will be happy, but if the half inch that I think I have gained is greater than merely quality of erection, then I`m off toward the 7” goal and beyond.

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