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Hy all need some help pls

Hy all need some help pls

Hy all

I need some help

I’m 34 yo from Europe and get a medium size erect length is 5.11 inches and want to get more in length and girth as well

So I bought a vimax extender,from a Romanian site I thought the extender came with comfort pads but it came with a silicon noose

So I don’t know if I get the real thing or get ripped off:( (

Can anyone of older members which used vimax extender in the past have a look on this site and tell me if I got a real one or a knock off?

Second problem I have is with slippage,the damn thing don’t stay on,so I have to improvise,baby wipes and so on..

3 problem is I don’t have any instructions regarding how long I have to use it daily,how often I have to make changes to length of the device,and so on,so please any advice will be highly appreciate it

If use extender you gain also in girth?or I have to start jelqing?

I seen on another site phallosan,looks more easy to wear,but don’t know nothing about his please share with me your experience

Which one I should use,I can afford to buy also phallosan,money is not an issue,so out of those 2 which one I should use?

Thanks for any reply,either are on forum either are on pm

Thanks guys and I’m glad I am part of the ‘hood


Hi Chris,

And Welcome to the Forum.

I have had a look at the link you gave and it doesn’t seem to come with anything but the loop. Which many who have tried this form have complained about the pain etc when using it. Some have put ‘cushions’ under the loop but they are not the best.

Can I suggest you have a look at the “Review” threads (Under the Members Only forums) Where you will find some information on various stretching devices and you may find something more useful to you. But ask questions about them, as I’m sure members will be pleased to give you as much help as they can.

Having said that, I would not advise using one just yet as you may find it bruises your penis. It would perhaps be better to do the Newbie routine for two or three weeks to get your penis acclimatised to being ‘pulled about’ and would be easier to wear it for longer periods when you start.

They won’t give much in the way of girth as they are really more for length.

Pumping is the best way to go for girth. But like the other point . Do get your penis aclimatised to the work-outs before attempting to go down that path.

Hope that helps! come back with any other questions you might have.

Good luck!


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