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Hurt myself. Going to take a break.

Hurt myself. Going to take a break.

Sigh. Normally I’m pretty careful with my penis. I had no injuries and all positive signs.

But I just started to pull back my foreskin and stretch. The day after, whenever I slightly squeeze my flaccid penis, there are tiny pin-pricks of pain along the glans.

Never had any pain whatsoever before. The only change in routine was pulling back the foreskin and stretching.

Sucks because now I have to take a break, and the fact that lately I have been pretty depressed so all of this just contributes to making my life more miserable.

I didn’t even think I was going to hard. I guess my penis wasn’t used to pulling back the foreskin stretches, and I should have lessened the stretch time as a result.

Has anyone else have this problem? When I give a slight squeeze to the penis, there are tiny pin-pricks of pain along the glans to the mid-point of the penis.

Feel free to move it to the injury section if you want. I just think I’ll get more responses here.

I think its when I pulled back the foreskin. I tightly gripped that area so that the skin wouldn’t go past the glans when stretching. The pain seems to be concentrated there. Nothing seems to be wrong with the blood vessels.

Just damaged nerves I guess.

Actually, now that I think about it.

I pulled back the foreskin and stretched on Monday. On Tuesday I took a break and had no pain.
Now today (Wednesday) I have pain. Is this a cause for concern? Is it some delayed pain effect?

No. From appearance, my penis looks fine and healthy. I’m getting all postive indicators, with the exception of the pain when I squeeze the penis.

Okay, will do. Thanks.

Tis a shame though.

Well smokey ! From what I read , ill assume that you are uncut. I’ve had the same problem yesterday. Just that I ended up bleeding unlike you. My trouble began when I stretched my dick after I pulled the foreskin back. I guess this is something uncut guys have to watch out for. Have you tried to stretch with your foreskin on the glans??


Ugh bleeding dick!!

Take it easy.

Yes, I’ve tried stretching with the skin over my glans. I’ve made some moderate gains because of it. But I feel like I get a better stretch when I pull back the foreskin.

I’m thinking now that it might be a bruise. I’m Asian, so my penis is a light brown colour making it a bit difficult to tell whether I have a brusie or not. It only hurts at a specific spot-the glans and where you pull back the foreskin to stretch.

Pain hasn’t lessened or increased. Still waiting….

Hopefully both of us will be careful in the future. In the long run, you end up going at a slower rate if you push yourself too hard.

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