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Hurt my boy :

Hurt my boy :

Ok, I just got back into PE’ing (about 3 weeks ago) and I had done it for a bit in the past. Well, I never did dry jelq’s, because I used to be 100% for wet. The past two days I have been doing dry jelq’s for about 10 minutes, and it was kinda rough. Today I go to do them, and I see blood come out from my boy :( (my urinary track, almost like I was squeezing blood out). Well, long story short I stopped immediately. I’m guessing that I was using too much pressure at 80% erect. Any comments/suggestions would be appreciated. I’m going to take a few days off, but would like some input.

Sorry I skipped right over that, I think it was just a “freaking out quick post” thing. Looks like I have a few days to take off. Thanks

Man! That would be scary stuff!


Glad you’re ok…..


Yes, I am very relieved. I’m about 100% positive what had happened. I’m going to go really soft on Friday or so. I was going way too aggressive I think with the dry jelq. I’m going to leave that out of my routine. Within 3 weeks though I have seen a .25” gain, that is with 2 days off from PE and then measuring. So, at least I put a smile on my face before I was upset :) .


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