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HUGE flaccid

HUGE flaccid

Last night I was in bed just ballooning/edging I am not sure of the difference if some one could fill me in any way I did this for a bit when I tied a sock around the base as I came off my erection for a bit and left it on for a few minutes and I noticed it got rather pumped. When I took it off my flaccid was rather big just sharing my p.e with you guys to see what you think, think it is rather similar to clamping?

It sounds a similar, if a rather crude form of constriction certainly, but it may be detrimental to your cock to consider clamping style exercises so soon into your PE ‘career’..

Quite a tree trunk you appear to have there…:up:

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Hey thanks for the comment mate, I have been doing p.e for 2 or so months now properly a bit more so I don’t think it’s to soon but it did work with great results I will properly try it through the week to see if it is the same results. As for ballooning and edging could any one guide me as to the difference cheers

What is ballooning/edging? I can’t find info about it on the site.

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Ok, well personally I disregard ballooning, for me it may well br edging. Edging therefore id the act of stimulating yourself to the point of orgasm and stopping just short, as in going toward the edge, but not going over…thus edging. I personally have found edging to be a most enjoyable pastime, especially while I’ve been clamping. Don’t ask me what it does exactly, I just know that since doing it my flaccids are bigger, my orgasms are stronger and my erections are stiffer.

As you can see from my sig, I’m a great fan of edging..:)

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Increasing penis size aside, I’ve edged since my teenage years (now 27) though I never realised it actually had a name! I’ve always been able to ejaculate 2-3 times virtually straight after one another but I started to get tired of having a worn out limp flaccid for an hour afterwards! So I learnt to get right to the edge of ejaculation, hold that feeling for a few seconds then let it subside, then repeated. Besides building up to amazing orgasms, I can control ejaculation during sex for however long I want to the point where now I very rarely orgasm during intercourse. Keeps yourself and the girlfriend happy (and quite amazed too mind you!) and makes the feeling last lots longer. Always a good thing :)

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