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Hows this all look?

Hows this all look?

Well I started tuesday and Im in love with PE, thank God though that Iam a body builder and have the understanding that things take time. Heres my routines, I want to do more haha so bad but we’ll see what happens

5min warm up
10min stretches
300-400 wet Jelqs
5min warm down

Basically Ive had no problem, when do you guys think its a good time to start hanging?

When you started body building it took you about 8 weeks to become fully acclimated to the workout, and it takes about the same to fully condition your cock to the vigors of PE. Plus, after a couple of months you will be more in tune as to how your cock reacts and the best way to focus your efforts.

I think 300-400 jelqs is quite a lot to start with. I started with that many and regreted it a couple of weeks later, my dick was very tired. But thats just me. I see no reason why you should not start hanging now, starting with the newbie hanging routine. You might want to get a Bib while you still can.


Melvin makes a good point about buying a hanger now. If you were considering buying a Bib hanger, they are only going to be on the market for another 10 days or so. is the place.

How long should one hold the stretches for?


Don’t worry I found the answer to my question myself. 30 - 60 seconds.,

Whats the newbie hangin routine?? I have this bin starter thats been sittin in its box for over a month.


Check it out here.


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