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How's my routine

How's my routine

Hey all, I completely started PE on May 22, with my routine being 2 days on/1 day off. So that means two weeks so far.

My routine is:

About a 3-4 minute warm up (putting my penis in warm/hot water-filled shower cup)
[Note: I am in the shower during the whole routine. Hot water is continually pouring onto my penis.]
5 minutes stretching - 30 secs hold up, left, right, down, up, left, right, down, up, down
15 minute downward jelqing, 3 second jelq, about 5 second kegel hold when under glans
3-4 minute cooldown (hot water filled cup again)
Kegels spread throughout the day
Fowfers [varies: but when I do it, a little over an hour]

Spread throughout the past week or so, I want to mention that I’ve been getting those great erections (Like EQ 9 or even 10.. I normally get a 7 I’d say), that even my girlfriend can feel and tell the difference.
As for morning wood, I cannot tell if I get any.. I go to sleep at around 3 A.M and wake up at about 12 to 2 P.M.

I also want to mention, a week ago, I switched my routine to 3 days on/2 days off, 2 days on/1 day off, 1 day on/1 day off.
Would this be a better way to go at it?

And last question.. Is it fine to do fowfers after a routine? Would it be best to do it on your off days? I’m asking because I’m worried about the possibility that it might add too much strain on me.


Fowfers don’t add significant strain, IMHO.

You should jelq in all directions, except downward - I think it puts too much pressure on your blood vessels.

About frequence, you should judge by yourself, checking your PI’s.

Thank you for the advice. I’ll try jelqing upwards from now on, at least to test it out and see what’s up.

Starting 5/22/09:

NBPEL: 5.75 in. BPEL: 6.5 in.

FL: 3.5 in. EG: 4.75 in. [Midshaft]

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