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I stumbled across jelqing through bit torrent and it immediately seemed like it could make sense based on comparisons to what those people do to their necks in Africa. Also, I thought about what people do to their ears and various other body parts through stretching over time.

Very little wandering turned up Thunder’s place but I could not register for a couple weeks. I could read tho and I started seriously about 2 weeks ago.

In 2 weeks, I have added a little over about .2 inches in length. It may not sound like much- but damn. It got longer. It’s never gotten longer in the last 30 years or so. It was 6 3/8” when I was in my mid 20’s. I have a piece of foam core that I’m keep track of my morning progress on (Lay it on top, press to bone, draw line if it looks longer).

I’m really excited about this as I have never been happy with my 6 3/8” x 5.5” size since a lady made a comment that she expected it to be bigger on a 6’5” tall guy. If I can get to 7 3/8” x 5.5” then I’ll be ecstatic as will my lady I presume.

Anyway.. Hello all! Really taken with the site. It feels legit- just a place to share information about a free technique you can try yourself. If nothing works, then you lost nothing but time.

I’ll post my status once a month. B) I don’t expect I’ll see much in the way of gains every month based on looking at the database but hopefully a year from now it’ll be there.

2006-04-01 BPEL 6 3/8”, EG 5.6”
2006-04-13 BPEL 6 5/8”, EG 5.6” Jelqing & Manual Stretching

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It’s legit, and welcome.

Don’t make yourself crazy about others believing the myth that taller means larger dick. Just do your routine and enjoy whatever benefits come your way. You are already ahead of most of the men you pass on the street. :)



Hi Maxo. Good luck with your progress.

Hey maxo

I know exactly how you feel. I’m 6-4 and although these guys say we’re pretty big, when it’s on a big frame it just doesn’t look it. I’ve been lucky enough never to have a girl say that to me before sex but it was in my head that they were thinking it.

Good luck!

(Started 2/21/06) BPEL 7.125 - NBPEL 5.625 - MSEG 5.625

(As of 8/23/07) BPEL 7.5 - NBPEL 6.000 - MSEG 5.87

2nd goal is BPEL 7.750 NBPEL of 6.250" and EG 6" - Long term goal is NBPEL 8" - Girth 6.50

Just remember that PE is a long term endevor for most people. Like dieting and exercise, you have to make it a part of your life-style . Incorporate PE exercises in your daily routine such as showering, making breakfast, studying, etc. and it won’t seem like such a chore and a waste of time. When it becomes a part of your daily habits you won’t be so obsessed with results, and then one day you will look and be amazed.

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