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Hey guys,

This is my first post here. Well I am completely new to PE except for the fact that I have always done kegels. I was looking over the standard workout and I can’t find what horse squeezes are or BTC stretches, and I was just wondering if any one can help me out with that.. Also, does it matter if you already have a decently sized penis and just want to increase the size a little more or does this work better if the penis is not as developed ahead of time? Just some questions I was wondering.. Hope somebody can help me out with this.. Thanks a bunch. Later


Horse squeezes are not “standard” for PE newbies. You can easily injure yourself and have to stop all PE work for weeks or months. Go to the Newbie Forum and read the first post. Follow the links in it and learn the Newbie Routine. That’s how you start. At the top of every page is a f.a.q. button. Go there and click “Start Here” then “New to PE.” That will give you info on abbreviations and exercises. (BTC means “between the cheeks” or extreme downward stretches between your legs.)

Your starting size usually isn’t a factor. We have guys come here with 8 inches who want more. If you are careful, diligent and consistent you’ll probably see gains. Gains are not promised. Some guys never gain. There’s a lot that determines who will and who won’t and no one can know how your body will react.

Welcome to Thunder’s Place! :)

Listen to westla and start with the newbie routine, don’t blow up your dick. You need to get some basic exercise time under your belt(a couple months at least) before you attempt these or you are asking to put your dick out of commission.

I’m worried about guys starting pe and want to go straight to the extreme exercises. You really do need to start slow, get in tune with the exercises and the effect they have on your penis. This can take a while to do. Just be aware that it takes alot of time patience and commitment to get any kind of gains from these exercises.

Take your time and read as much as you can.

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