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I been lurking in the background for a bit.

Last night I decided to give this jelging a try. All I can say is WOW. Hope what I saw is some indication of what my potential is. Of course the results were short lived. But damn there for a while I looked like I should be making movies.


great name, Welcome. take a picture now and every couple of months so you can really see the difference



One of the things that really got me set on PE was the way my dick hung after a good jelquing session. Sure, it wasn’t permanent, but the longer I was into PE the “fuller” the ol’ fella hung at all times of day.

We are to back to ’ improved bloodflow’ and ‘regular exercise’ and the other possible explanations for this, but it feels damn good to see that (relatively) large flaccid hanging off the side of the chair after jelquing.

To any other Newbies out there, it is worth a try - you have nothing to lose (provided you PE in a sensible fashion) and much to gain - excuse the pun.

I have not gained much compared to some (you reap what you sow), but passing that 6” mark did a hell of a lot for my self esteem.

Stick with it…you will never regret it if you do it properly. Don’t change methods too soon either.

Good luck.


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