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How you deal with anxiety low libido and training ?

How you deal with anxiety low libido and training ?

Just few days ago i was horny like a horse on steroid feeling very relax with my penis ready to explode with amazing feelings during exercises.
But unluckily this condition is not permanent and can change from period to period.
This last days i feel with ZERO libido you know what i mean?
When your balls and penis are not full size when are soft but a little bit shrunk.
I tried to exercise my self but i feel everythink mechanical is completly the opposite of few days ago.I just exercise my self cause i want to continue the routine but if i don’t stimulate my self i lose the erection very fast…

How do you manage this fuckings periods?

Do you quit training untill you don’t feel again horny like an hell or you continue training your self?
I’m worried cause i know very well this black periods can continue for a week or even more and i’m not sure what is better to do in this condition.

I hope to be not the only one with this problem and you can suggest me something.

Thank you in advance.

P.S. Is not absolutly overtraining is just e mixture off stress and really low or none libido

Meet girls in real life if you don’t, it does help with libido.

I’ve always had a similar problem.

The only advice I can give is try not to stress about it and go with how you feel on any particular day.

Good thread needs more input. Perhaps you could try

Doing exercise that doesn’t need an erection for a while. Then when you come back you will be like heyyy ohhhh

Also don’t ejaculate for a few days or more.

Stress in other parts of life or sex would effect it.

Good luck man hope this thread expands :)

I experience quite the same thing. Even those I have a girlfriend that I bang all day nothing changes ,I can’t keep an erection for my routine.

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Have you tried releasing less often? (say once every three days). If you edge everyday and cum only every three days, you shouldn’t have so much problems with erection levels.

Is porn something you use regularly?

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Sometimes its a sign to really do nothing.
For me the problem often was that from such a day it developed to be a 10 day break.

I recommend you to do at least something little at low intensity. Some stretch. Some jelq. Some ADS / ADC.

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Originally Posted by Walter5169
Have you tried releasing less often? (say once every three days). If you edge everyday and cum only every three days, you shouldn’t have so much problems with erection levels.

It is not a problem of ejaculation…I have periods where i want to come every day without problems always really excited to excercise pe.But other periods where i forget to have a penis libido 0.
Today for example im pretty horny again.It is really unpredictable condition.
Just want to know how do you manage your routine with this trong libido fluctuations?

I was getting some problems like this last week (and other weeks) from using my extender at high tensions and clamping.. I got rid of the clamping and some days the extender and just did jelqing and stretching and my dick is like a rock all the time.. Now back in the hole of intense training :)

Like the others and myself said.. Don’t climax for a few days..

Try and get rid of any stress you can in life

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