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How would a Vasectomy factor into all of this

How would a Vasectomy factor into all of this

I’m in my early twenties, and absolutely never want the burden/responsibility of having children :)

Planning on getting a Vasectomy, but here’s my question: are they cutting something critical to PE’ing? Or in any other way would getting the surgery inhibit or make dangerous these most holy of exercises?

Whoops! I guess I should learn to use the search function! But as long I have someone’s attention, is there any way we can change our User ID for the forums here? ‘Cause I’m not finding an edit option for it in the User Control Panel.

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Vasectomy has no effect on PE. You just have to make sure you are totally healed from the proceedure before you do any PE.

You’re young enough to consider that you may later change your mind about having kids. I understand your position completely, but life and life attitudes are different at 33 than at 21, so keep that in mind. As a back up, think about freezing some semen, just in case later in your life the burden/responsibility of having a child or children becomes appealing. Any fertility clinic can tell you where to do this and the cost is not high relative to the value of the genetic material you are preserving.



Weighty thoughts, avocet8. Hadn’t considered freezing, that does sound appealing. Better than that male fertility pill that’s supposed to be coming onto market in a few months! But now to get down to business with some Wench-styled weightING to pang away all thoughts whatsoever. Thanks for the reply!

Never say never…unless you’re me.

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