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How to win of the girth french

How to win of the girth french

Hello I am French, thus saddened spelling mistake, I try especially to gain(win) in circumference and not it lenght how can it be done? At the moment I makes of the jelq for 80 % and it is everything ! I can make of the clamping at the end of 1 month? Not too dangerous? My girth is a big problem!


All the experts here (I’m not one of them!) suggest to stay with the newbie routine for at least 3 months to condition the penis.

After this time you can start specific routines for girth.

Do not rush or you risk to injury yourself.

Thx ,

Clamping is very dangerous. I can not safely recommend it to anyone with less than a year of experience. Now if you’re looking for girth only after you finish 3 months of the newbie routine, I would go with just jelqing and some light pumping for a while. You can even pump lite every day to keep most of your pwo gains.

What is light pumping ? Why the clamping is very dangerous ?

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