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How to stretch

How to stretch

The problem is that I don’t have anywhere to grip, I have foreskin and even if I pull it off I can’t grip the head as it”s small (not enlarged as when having erection) and slippery.
Also, when jelquing, I can’t do it for three seconds per ne jelq, as I run out of penis :) or if I say better, the skin itself slips (I grip quite much, so that I can feel that the tissue is under tension) forward and I finish in about a second or less. What to do? Simply increase number of jelques by three times?

Sorry for my english, I haven’t used it in a while (and to think that I’ve been a straight a student in hs.)

Try to do your jelqs as slow as you can then, many people won’t gain if they do 1 second or less jelqs. I seem to remember a few members using tissue paper to grip their heads better while stretching. You could try squeezing a little blood into your head first before you grab it to stretch, that’s what I do.

Do you have to squeeze tightly when jelqing? Flaccid or erection?


Try putting some baby powder on your penis.

It will prevent your penis from slipping while stretching.

Do your jelqs very slowly.

Erect jelqing is not recommended for newbie ( actually, I would not recommend it to anyone), the penis should be in a semi flaccid state during jelqing. (30%-60%)

On a scale of 1 to 10, your grip should be like 4-6. (Its a bit confusing I know but still a better answer from the usual “tight but then again not too tight.” :) )

Hope this helps.

Happy Jelqing.

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