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How to stretch downward or btc most efficient

How to stretch downward or btc most efficient

Hi guys, I always had problems with downward stretching.
May be I used the wrong grip. I used always the normal OK grip.
I watched this link her the other day:Simple Manual Stretches - Step by Step

The video series obviously tells to use an overhand grip to stretch downward.

What are you guys doing? With which grip you get the most intense force on your downward or BTC stretch?

I just use the OK grip and stretch down until I feel pressure.

I also use the OK grip.

But, I step one leg up on a chair and reach between my legs from behind, more like a BTC stretch. This provides better leverage. I found the technique on this board somewhere.

Use an OK grip, but make sure you’re not applying pressure on the top of your cock. The pressure should be on the sides of your dick with that grip. I’m not sure about everyone else, but when I first started doing BTC’s, I felt the pressure at the top part of the base of my penis, but after doing them for a while, there is very little pressure felt in that spot anymore, at least for the first 10 minutes or so. After about 10 minutes, I can feel the stretch from the base of my penis and up an inch or so but it’s not as intense as when I first started doing them. I know I don’t have any nerve damage from this, because since I’ve been PE’ing, my cock has been supersensitive, in a great way!

ditto on the leg up on a chair. It gives me a much better stretch.

Basically you all stretch BTC when standing or?

I always stretched sitting, and it seems that I only stretched straight out,because when holding my stretch and then get out of my chair sit up, my stretch is in an 9 o clock position or higher.

Hope you guys know what what I mean.

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