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How to strech

How to strech

Hey I notice that my skin under shaft grow very much so how to strech because when I strech so I also hold my skin and move it upward and then hold it for minute so is this I am doing it wrong and how to do a perfect strech I mean that strech only thr shaft of penis or also skin .

There are some really good videos online that show u pacifically how to do them.

2014, 6 1/4 bpel by 5 3/4 eg

2017,7 3/8 bpel by 6 1/4 eg

Yes I download that vedios but I can do my streches wrong and now I have alot skin which come at the base of my shaft and full my fatpad so now what should I do and also my erection quality is very low now plz suggeste something

If EQ is low then take a couple days off until it returns to normal. As far as stretching goes, extra skin can be a byproduct of PE. There are ways to stretch without using your skin as the main limiter. Roll your skin back and grab your dick below the glans. Use a piece of toilet paper or a latex or rubber gloves to make sure you’ve got a good grip. Just make sure you feel the tension on your dick not the skin. Mess around with it once EQ returns.


Thank You for your amazing information and you are right I pull my skin not my shaft thats why I gain skin hahahahaha And by the way now how to remove these extra skin .

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