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How to stay flaccid during excersizes?

How to stay flaccid during excersizes?

Any techniques to stay soft?


I assume you are talking about stretching. The first week I PE’d, I had trouble staying soft when I stretched because normally any touching that went on in that area was all sexual which of course is arousing :) So my first suggestion is to just give it some time. Even if you get hard during stretching, finish the routine. Maybe take a 30 second break to get softer. After time your body will realize this isn’t arousing at all and won’t get hard from the stretches, but don’t worry because the rest of the time you’ll be good to go ;)

My second suggestion is that this is a mental routine not just physical. When you are stretching, concentrate on the stretch and nothing else. Try not to think about girls, sex, and above all else don’t think about how huge these exercises are going to make you. If there is one thing that makes me hard as hell, it is to think of the reactions I’m gonna get whipping my new tool out for a girl. So just sit, relax, and focus. Hope this helps man.

Ejaculate. Take a hot shower right after. Then you are good to go.

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Hmm…I find that it wont go erect as often when I do the stretches while I’m showering…should I do them there?

Just think on something nasty, maybe your grandma naked? lol

I have the same problem. I seem to stay hard

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