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How to stay erect during workout

How to stay erect during workout

So I’ve been doing the newb routine, and I’ve been having issues of staying erect during my workouts. I know your not suppose to be fully erect, but sometimes I cant get anything. Not sure if it matters if I have an erection during hot wrap. When stretching, am I suppose to not have an erection or be completely flaccid.

Now with Jelq, i know the erection should be around 40% - 50% and no higher then 80%. How can I stay in that general area, without completely lossing my erection. Its real easy for me to lose it, and it goes down quick.

I’ve read in some forums about not letting it go limp after the work out or something like it. I think some one said turtling. Is there a clear answer to this?

I know these are probably your typical newbie questions, but I looked and couldnt find much.
Please be nice, Im going through a lot right now, and Im doing PE not for the women, but for me, to get my confidence up.

watching porno or think at some hot situation, example one cute girl that you know , think at this girl nake that make you a blowjob.

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When stretching you should be completely to almost completely flaccid (a bit of blood in your unit won’t hurt, but no way near an erection).

What you could do is, based on how easily you get aroused, is either watch some type of porn or go to some kind of webcam site. (I’ve got one I use if you want it, just PM me)
And if during this you get too aroused, just look away or don’t use sound and only the ‘moving pictures’ (since sound does alot to the brain).

About not letting it turtle, I think it’s not actually _proven_ to work that way, but it makes sense to want your penis to ‘heal long’ rather then to ‘heal short’.
This doesn’t however mean you should stay erect, just don’t let it shrivel up and get all small, I noticed for me just stretching it lightly once will stop it from turtling if I notice it trying :)

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About turtling or shrinking after a workout, I use a 4” wide strip of saran wrap and snugly wrap my dick between workouts.

I don`t sleep with the wrap on though, but I do ride my bike, walk the dog and pretty much else I need to get done in my day.

I get the wrap from the dollar store locally in the Toronto area, and you may find it in the hardware section of yours, or use a piece of regular wrap cut down carefully.

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